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With the right BI tools and practices, you can unleash the power of your data to grow, innovate, and beat out the competition.

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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

We've been providing BI consulting services since 2005; and while exciting new tools and state-of-the-art solutions have come and gone, our approach—grounded in fundamentals and focused on the future—continues to deliver the results our clients need.
  • Software Selection

    We have extensive experience with BI software and established relationships with all major vendors in the industry. Our consultants can confidently walk you through an evaluation process to choose the right software based on your use cases, current environment, and long-term needs—all while focusing on your agility and avoiding vendor lock-in.
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  • BI Strategy

    While we pride ourselves in getting our clients fast results, we don't rely on quick fixes. Success hinges on a long-term strategy that accounts for the people, processes, and technology you need to get the most value out of your data. Your BI strategy will be tailored to support your unique business goals and encourage data-driven decision making across your organization.
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  • Implementation & Optimization

    We can take care of everything it takes to implement your BI solution—from data cleansing to building a data warehouse to connect your data.
    If you want to do more with your BI platform, we can optimize backend performance and enhance functionality by taking advantage of native features and augmenting with advanced analytic tools and techniques.
  • Data Visualization & Enterprise Reporting

    A well designed BI solution automates reporting practices and contains visualizations that clearly communicate complex data. We will work with you to build intuitive dashboards that allow decision makers across all lines of business to quickly understand what's working well and what isn't on real-time data.
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  • Technology Training

    Success with BI relies on buy-in and adoption across the organization.
    We can help ensure you are getting the most from your data analytics solution through a variety of training topics, including software, data modeling, dashboard design, governance, strategy, and more.
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Business Intelligence Resources and Insights

BI investments can be a hard sell. Learn how to build a case for BI that is supported by ROI figures and see how our customers are quantifying their success for continued investment in data and analytics capabilities.
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Those who manage BI initiatives are often familiar with the feeling of disappointment when deadlines are impending and overages look probable. While not intentional, this is when the blame game starts. Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting to that point by sticking to timeline and budget expectations.
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Technology and data leaders (CIOs in particular) struggle to gain control of the ever-growing technology platforms that they are expected to support. We have some advice on how to streamline toolsets for better data management, more insightful analytics, and even cost savings.
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Read more to learn how Anheuser-Busch InBev solved their data problems with a sales analytics solution. We built a modern data architecture and implemented a BI solution that clearly communicates their sales data, unifies data sources, streamlines analysis, and gives sales leaders insight to increase company revenue.
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A Data Strategy should provide recommendations for how to apply analytics to extract business-critical insights, and data visualizations from your BI tool are key.
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Many organizations try to approach BI projects the same as an IT project and don’t get the results they expect. The reality is that BI and IT projects are very different - here's how.
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Technologies We Work With

You name it - we've done it. We've been working with BI technologies like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI since day one, and our consultants are committed to staying up-to-date and informed in our fast paced technology environment.


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Data Strategy Session

To thrive with your data, your people, processes, and technology must all be data-focused. This may sound daunting, but we can help you get there. Sign up to meet with one of our analytics experts who will review your data struggles and help map out steps to achieve data-driven decision making.

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Cloud Strategy Session

In one hour, get practical advice that you can use to initiate or continue your move of data and analytics workloads to the cloud.

During your free one-hour cloud strategy session, we will:

  • Review how the cloud fits into overall corporate strategy
  • Review how the cloud fits into data and analytics strategy
  • Review existing cloud assets
  • Discuss data and current analytics solutions to prioritize what components should be moved to the cloud

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