Sigma Consulting

We build analytics solutions using Sigma that help you get insights from your cloud data warehouse.

Sigma Partners

Analytics8 is a Sigma Consulting Partner. We are both delivery partner certified, as well as an advanced embedded analytics trained partner.

What is Sigma?

Sigma is an analytics platform that enables organizations to explore, analyze, and visualize their data in a user-friendly and collaborative environment. Our clients like Sigma because it bridges the gap between technical and non-technical users by providing a self-service analytics solution that doesn’t require advanced coding or technical expertise.

Our Sigma Consulting Services

Sigma Reporting

We specialize in the implementation of Sigma reporting on all major cloud platform vendors, help to optimize back-end data platforms for peak Sigma performance, and incorporate advanced feature functionality sets within Sigma to build impactful reporting for your business users.

Migration to Sigma

Migrate from your legacy BI platform to Sigma by prioritizing reports for the migration process, identify and map underlying data sources to be transferred to Sigma, and quickly build and iterate net new reporting within Sigma.

Sigma Training and Mentoring

Our consultants can deliver custom training plans specific to both Sigma development for your data teams, and user adoption training to ensure a smooth and successful adoption of Sigma overall.

Sigma Embedded Analytics

Take advantage of our deep expertise in embedded analytics, and the ease of use in embedding Sigma, to create impactful and engaging external facing analytics.

  • google cloud platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Snowflake
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Tableau
  • Looker

The Modern Tech Stack

Sigma integrates with a robust ecosystem of technology partners. We’ll help determine which additional tech you might need to take full advantage of the benefits available across your entire data stack.

What We Do

Analytics8 is a full-service data analytics consulting agency. We implement the best solution to transform your organization with data-driven decisions.


Seeing the big picture can be difficult when you’re busy running the business. Our team assesses how to best manage, analyze and utilize your data to achieve your business goals—complete with a custom action plan that acts as the north star to all your data initiatives.


Implementing new data and analytics solutions can be expensive and time consuming. Our team of experts will build and deploy the foundation, architecture, and data analytics you need to set your teams up for success.


Avoid business disruption by engaging our data analytics consulting expertise for the delicate task of moving you away from legacy data solutions, and fast-tracking you to modern cloud-based platforms that promote innovation.

Data Team as Service

Fill talent gaps at any level within your organization and get ongoing support from our highly specialized team of data experts, including CDOs, data engineers, data architects, project managers, and business analysts.