Manufacturing Analytics

Use data and analytics to operate leaner and improve your Manufacturing processes.

In an increasingly complex industry flooded with data, Manufacturers are looking for ways to optimize processes and operate leaner. No matter the type and scale of manufacturing you do, smart use of your data will help you drive operational efficiencies, improve productivity, lower costs, and meet changing customer demands.

We help Manufacturers get data out of silos, giving them better visibility across the entire manufacturing lifecycle—from machines to people—so they can make better business decisions.

Data and Analytics Services for Manufacturing

We help Manufacturers unlock the potential of their data by making data an asset that’s just as important as the personnel, equipment, processes, and systems responsible for production.

Gain Visibility into the Supply Chain

We have experience integrating manufacturing data, often siloed in ERP, MRP, supply chain, and shop floor operations software systems, so you can gain a full picture view of operations to improve quality, efficiency, customer service, and productivity.

Optimize and Fine Tune Production Lines

Operate leaner, smarter and more efficiently. Improve quality, performance, and cost. Reduce machine downtime and optimize maintenance cycles.

Perform Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Identify use cases for machine learning and predictive analytics so you can predict risk and take proactive measures around equipment maintenance and settings, production levels, and manufacturing quality.

Assess and Improve Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity

Monitor production metrics to optimize quality, throughput, and overall production planning. Measure important safety metrics, responsiveness to meeting demands, and cost. Spend less time reacting to issues and more time on making data-driven improvements and implementing lean initiatives.

Featured Guide

4 Things You Should Be Analyzing in Your Supply Chain

In this eBook, our consultants share their expertise on how to use analytics to address your common supply chain problems in inventory management, warehouse processes, transportation management, and overall health of supply chain.

What We Do

We’ll help you with the entire data and analytics lifecycle—from strategy to implementation—so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.

Data Strategy

Thriving with your data starts with a solid strategy. We help you develop a long-term, guiding plan that defines the people, processes, and technology you need to put in place so you can start using your data to achieve your business goals.

Data Management

Cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid–we build secure and flexible data architectures to serve as the foundation you need to take advantage of all of your data.


We implement modern BI solutions so you can automate manual processes, turn data into insights, improve data quality, clearly communicate complex data, and predict trends and behavior.