Private Equity Analytics

Use data and analytics to improve and expedite your investments.

We partner with Private Equity (PE) firms and help them integrate and understand the diverse data generated by their portfolio companies. We develop data and analytics solutions for PE firms that enable deep, automated insights into their portfolios and help them grow their companies, increase market valuation and operational efficiency, and make more informed investment decisions.

Data and Analytics Services for Private Equity (PE) Firms

We help PE firms unlock the potential of their data with a 360-degree view of their portfolios, enabling them to make more informed decisions across the board. We do so by helping them to:

Grow their portfolio companies and increase market valuation

We analyze a PE firm’s data to better understand their customers, perform customer segmentation, uncover new sources of revenue, improve sales, enable more targeted marketing, and develop solutions and platforms to monetize their data. We have a repeatable process and methodology that we follow, so we can scale this work for many portfolio companies at a time to bring quick time-to-value.

Measure performance of portfolio companies throughout their lifecycles

We develop real-time analytics solutions that automate the manual consolidation and analysis of financial and operational data. These reports can be used to measure the performance of portfolio companies, benchmark companies, and unlock new sources of value and revenue. We also help PE firms merge data assets together for organizations that are just joining the portfolio.

Increase operational efficiency of portfolio companies

PE firms will realize bigger returns when their portfolio companies are operating more efficiently. We deliver data and analytics solutions that automate manual data collection, wrangling, and reporting, and that enable data sharing across the enterprise. Our analytics solutions help identify inefficiencies in company processes so they can be remediated. Our consultants provide the expertise and guidance needed so PE firms can avoid adding headcount for hard-to-find data leadership roles. We also advise on cost-effective data and analytics technologies we feel would be the best fit.

Perform due diligence

We help improve the collection and analytics of data on potential acquisitions, so you can make confident, informed investment decisions.

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From Fortune 500 companies, to small innovative companies to non profits, we help our clients make the most of their data.

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Analytics8 is a full-service data analytics consulting agency. We implement the best solution to transform your organization with data-driven decisions.



Implementing new data and analytics solutions can be expensive and time consuming. Our team of experts will build and deploy the foundation, architecture, and data analytics you need to set your teams up for success.


Avoid business disruption by engaging our data analytics consulting expertise for the delicate task of moving you away from legacy data solutions, and fast-tracking you to modern cloud-based platforms that promote innovation.

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Fill talent gaps at any level within your organization and get ongoing support from our highly specialized team of data experts, including CDOs, data engineers, data architects, project managers, and business analysts.