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Analytics8 helps organizations make smart, data-driven decisions by translating their data into meaningful and actionable information.

What We Do

We’ll help you with the entire data and analytics lifecycle - from strategy to implementation - so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.
  • Data Strategy and

    We lay the foundation needed to enable data-driven decision making, starting with a data strategy and a modern data architecture.
  • Data Visualization and
    Enterprise Reporting

    We implement modern BI solutions so you can automate manual processes, turn data into insights, improve data quality, and clearly communicate complex data.
  • Advanced Analytics and
    Data Science

    We’ll help you move beyond traditional BI and analytics to more sophisticated methods so you can predict trends and uncover more meaningful insight.


We design, develop, and deploy modern data and analytics solutions. Work with us to unleash the power of your data and transform your business.
  • Data & Analytics Strategy

    We’ll help you develop an actionable data and analytics strategy that outlines the people, processes, and technology you need to get the most value out of your data. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach. Using our exclusive methodology, your playbook will include tailored strategies that support your business goals and set you up for long-term success.
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  • Enterprise Data Architecture

    Cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid–we build secure and flexible data architectures to serve as the foundation for data and analytics. We ensure the architecture promotes the use of high quality, relevant, and usable data and is built to effortlessly grow along with your business.
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  • Cloud Data Migrations

    Because planning a move to the cloud is as important as the migration itself, we’ll help select technology, address security concerns, and identify resources required for implementation. When you’re ready to migrate a BI platform, deploy an entire solution, or build a cloud infrastructure, our expertise will minimize the risk of disrupting your business operations.
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  • Data Visualization

    We work to understand your business objectives and then create dashboards that intuitively guide users to answers. We design dashboards that underscore key performance indicators and facilitate the discovery of patterns and key relationships, sharing of ideas, and exploration of new possibilities.
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  • Data and Analytics Software Selection

    Analytics8 has a long, successful history with data management and BI software and strong relationships with vendors in the industry – old, new, mainstream, and niche. As a tool agnostic organization, our consultants are highly trained to help review, select, and implement the best technology to meet your needs.
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  • BI Implementations

    Whether your analytics solution needs some fine tuning, you want to migrate to a new tool, or you are just starting your analytics journey, we will help you optimize and deploy an enterprise-wide business intelligence platform.
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  • Data Science

    We’ll show you opportunities for machine learning in your data so you can make better decisions with less manual intervention. From data prep and modeling to implementation and fine tuning, we’ll make machine learning and data science a reality for your organization.
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  • Geospatial Analytics

    See and analyze your data in the context of its location to gain new perspective and get more value from your analytics. We’ll supplement your location data with your business data so you can better segment customers, optimize routes, plan growth, perform predictive analytics, and more.
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  • Data & Analytics Assessments

    After an in-depth evaluation of the factors and challenges that impact your use of data and analytics, our analytics experts map out where you'd like to go and provide a plan for how to get there.
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  • Training

    We offer a range of training services to bolster your team’s knowledge so you can increase productivity, decrease maintenance costs, and improve technology adoption rates. Software, data modeling, dashboard design, strategy, and more – our training will enable your team to do more with data.
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