Get practical and flexible long term solutions; not shelfware.

The Analytics8 Delivery Methodology is a proven approach that delivers quick wins, incorporates client feedback throughout the project lifecycle, and results in sensible solutions that will always meet your needs.

Harness our custom delivery approach built on 20+ years of experience in the industry

Illustration of the Analytics8 Delivery Methodology showing a cyclic process that begins with Project Initiation, followed by Requirements Gathering, then moving through Design, Test & Build stages, and ending with Release & Iterate for continuous improvement. The graphic highlights steps like Kick-off Prep, Skeleton Project Plan, interviews, workshops, conceptual data model, data profiling, infrastructure & analytics design, and a focus on incremental delivery for effective analytical and data analytics methodologies.

Data analytics projects and general IT projects are very different and should not be approached with the same one-size-fits-all methodology. 

That’s why we created the Analytics8 Delivery Methodology (ADM), a flexible framework that ensures consistent and reliable delivery to each project.  

The ADM delivers quick wins all while building scalable solutions that stand the test of time.

Why Analytics8

Analytics8 cares more about your business than the latest hyped-up tech.

Vendor agnostic

Unlike persistent technology vendors, we aren’t trying to sell you specific software. Having vetted every tech out there means that we can make the best recommendations for your business needs and long-term success.

Business-first philosophy

We won’t leave you stranded with tech that won’t bring you value. Before we write any code, we take the time to get to know you, your challenges and your objectives to build a solution that will stand the test of time.

Practical approach

Large consulting companies will often deliver over-engineered and bloated projects. We deliver in a cyclical approach: build, release, collect feedback, and iterate. Each iteration results in a new milestone and additional value.

20+ years experience

Every use case has infinite variables, and we’ve seen them all. We draw on over 20 years of experience and our knowledge of emerging technologies to find the best solution for you and your teams.

Future proof your business.

Our engagement structure offers a clear path to use your data to grow, transform and thrive.

Strategic Planning

We get to know your business, challenges, and objectives before building and presenting a plan that outlines the resources, processes and technologies you need to improve data maturity, and meet your business goals.

Foundational Work

Our specialists build a strong and healthy data ecosystem in iterative phases to ensure fast time-to-value. This includes data modeling, data architecture design, warehouse building, migration, end-user enablement, and more.

Data Team as a Service

We provide ongoing support to help you manage and optimize your data solutions. You will have access to our data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and more, whenever you need them.

I never stray shooting for the moon because I know they can deliver.
Analytics8's wide range of knowledge and superior customer service makes us feel confident that we're making the right decisions.
Analytics8 has big vendor expertise with the flexibility and intimacy of a boutique.
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