Supply Chain Analytics

Get end-to-end visibility into your supply chain.

Supply chains are complicated—and they are under pressure like never before to meet more complex demands from customers and entities within the supply chain. We help companies use all of their data to understand and optimize the performance of their supply chain, from product design to distribution.

Data and Analytics Services for Supply Chain

We design and build data and analytics solutions that help companies gain end-to-end visibility of supply chain activity so they can operate leaner, be more resilient, and boost profitability.

Forecasting and Planning

Analyze customer data, trends, and seasonality to predict future demand. Make informed decisions about production and inventory levels during specific time periods.

Transportation and Logistics

Visualize delivery plans and routing networks to determine how to shorten time from order to delivery. Analyze improper shipment and defective item data to minimize errors and control costs. Measure and track outbound deliveries and analyze warehouse productivity.

Fleet Management

Use real-time data to ensure preventative maintenance, monitor driver safety, measure fueling costs, and more. Get insight into costly driver behaviors and implement smart driver protocols.

Supplier Performance

Monitor supplier performance metrics—order delivered in full, on time, time to deliver, order accuracy, damaged goods, etc—to identify top and bottom performing suppliers, compare profit margins, and renegotiate contracts.

Inventory Management

Track key metrics like sales-to-inventory ratio, days of inventory, total inventory, and return on inventory to better manage inventory and its associated costs. Improve demand forecasting to avoid stock-outs and excess inventory.

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Featured Guide

4 Things You Should Be Analyzing in Your Supply Chain

In this eBook, our consultants share their expertise on how to use analytics to address your common supply chain problems in inventory management, warehouse processes, transportation management, and overall health of supply chain.

We were never able to explain-with data-the root cause of our performance issues. We had too much data, in too many different systems and not enough people with knowledge to analyze the data timely. With our new analytics solution, we now spend our time on fixing the issues instead of trying to understand what happened. We’re more productive, more effective, and our performance & financial KPIs are reflecting that.

What We Do

We’ll help you with the entire data and analytics lifecycle—from strategy to implementation—so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.

Data Strategy Architecture

Data Strategy

Thriving with your data starts with a solid strategy. We help you develop a long-term, guiding plan that defines the people, processes, and technology you need to put in place so you can start using your data to achieve your business goals.

Data Management

Cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid–we build secure and flexible data architectures to serve as the foundation you need to take advantage of all of your data.


We implement modern BI solutions so you can automate manual processes, turn data into insights, improve data quality, clearly communicate complex data, and predict trends and behavior.