Data Visualization & Reporting Services

Empower users at every level of your organization to use data to improve, hone, and innovate.

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Modern BI tools provide transformative data visualization and reporting capabilities that will help you:

  • Clearly communicate complex data, including big data
  • Uncover patterns in your data
  • Pinpoint what action needs to be taken
  • Make informed decisions based on facts
  • Combine data sets and automate manual processes
  • Enable data discovery and self-service
  • Improve data quality and accuracy
  • Enable faster and smarter decision making

Data Visualization & Reporting Services

Our consultants are on a mission to help you do more with data. That means making sure you have the right tools and know-how to make it as easy as possible to navigate your data.
  • Business Intelligence Software Selection

    We review, select, and implement the best modern BI tool for your business needs. We have a long, successful history with BI software and data visualization tools, and we’ll help you sift through the noise in our crowded industry.
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  • Data Visualization Services

    We get to know your business, KPIs, and business drivers to design intuitive dashboards and interactive reporting that allow you to understand your data in new ways. We also do health checks on existing implementations and provide recommendations for optimized performance and better reporting.
  • BI Implementations

    Our consultants are highly trained to deploy enterprise-wide data analytics solutions and optimize current implementations. We can do full scale deployments, customizations, automate reports, perform technical upgrades and configurations, and design for self-service across the company.
  • Training Services

    We offer custom training and mentoring for your BI tools so that your team has the knowledge they need to be successful and productive. Coupled with a user adoption plan, we ensure you make the most of your BI tool investment.
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Data Visualization Resources and Insights

Are the machine learning models you built before COVID-19 still giving you actionable information? Due to new business norms the answer might surprise you.
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Download our eBook to start creating powerful dashboards.
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Learn how the largest registry data management company in the world underwent a health check to review their dashboards and enhance performance. This helped to offer a stronger analytics solution to its customers so they can make better decisions and ultimately improve patient care and experience.
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There are so many tools, tips, and tricks for good visualizations, and it can be hard to know which ones to utilize. In this eBook, our consultants share their expertise on how to create data visualizations that provide the most value to your organization.
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Your diversity, equity, and inclusion programs must be backed by data. In this blog, we expand upon the data and analytics discussed in our webinar to help meet your diversity goals.
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The live Q&A session from our Diversity & Inclusion Programs Backed by Data webinar sparked valuable discussion and advice from our guest speaker, Doug Harris, CEO of the The Kaleidoscope Group. Listen to his responses to questions about how to handle the challenges of D&I initiatives. Audio clips broken out by question.
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COVID-19 has impacted business everywhere – especially ones that require customers to visit a physical location. Customers are more selective about where they visit in person and have expectations about their experience once they do visit. This has caused businesses to scramble to reassess their real estate investments while continuing to meet customer needs. Check...
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User adoption is crucial to the success of any BI implementation. A BI developer can create rich reporting that uncovers valuable insights, but if the data isn’t utilized to make business decisions, the analytics investment is made in vain. While many factors contribute to user adoption of your BI platform, there is one we find...
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Customer churn is important to every for-profit business (and even some non-profits) because of the direct loss of revenue associated with lost customers. To compound that loss, the cost of acquiring a new customer is usually more expensive than retaining a current customer. Company reputations can also be at risk when they lose customers in...
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Humans are really good at understanding data when visualized properly – that’s why many great data and analytics solutions utilize dashboards. In this new eBook, we provide the information you need to create visualizations that make it easy for users to interpret the data. We expand on the following principles to help you create effective...
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There are so many tools, tips, and tricks for good visualizations, and it can be hard to know which ones to utilize. In this eBook, our consultants share their expertise on how to create data visualizations that provide the most value to your organization. We expand on the following tips to help you create powerful...
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Customer Testimonial

"The analytics solution that Analytics8 built has not only helped our leadership team track the results and outcomes of the discharge planning program, but it has also made life easier for the social worker who coordinates the discharge planning program."

– Business Manager, Crow Wing County Community Services

Technologies We Work With

We have partnerships and work with core technologies like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI to help our clients organize, improve, and communicate data to make better business decisions.

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To thrive with your data, your people, processes, and technology must all be data-focused. This may sound daunting, but we can help you get there. Sign up to meet with one of our analytics experts who will review your data struggles and help map out steps to achieve data-driven decision making.

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  • Review how the cloud fits into overall corporate strategy
  • Review how the cloud fits into data and analytics strategy
  • Review existing cloud assets
  • Discuss data and current analytics solutions to prioritize what components should be moved to the cloud

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