Data and Analytics Training

Training is crucial to user adoption of your data and analytics tools. That’s why a training plan is a necessary component for all of our data and analytics projects so we can equip your team with the knowledge they need to be successful and productive.

Training Leads to User Adoption

Training is a major factor – and one that is often skipped – in achieving ROI of your analytics implementations. When individual users are appropriately trained on software, they are more likely to embrace it and integrate new analytics practices that increase their productivity. As user adoption grows across the organization, companies experience exponential gain.

Our Training Services

We offer a range of training services to equip your team with the knowledge they need to be successful and productive:

  • Software tools training and mentoring for your BI and analytics, cloud deployments, machine learning models, data integration processes, and more
  • Classroom training, e-learning, mentoring, webinars, and seminars
  • Custom training and curriculum development with your data

Choosing the right training program is important as you adopt new data and analytics tools and practices. We can help you review your options as you draft your training plan.

Training Testimonial

They've also done a great job of knowledge transfer, helping us to upskill several developers over the years so we can handle projects in-house as well. We're providing better, actionable information to our users thanks to the work of A8.
Our instructor was not just reading from the book. He gave real life examples and kept everyone connected.

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