Life Sciences Analytics

Use data to improve the way you research, develop, manufacture, and bring new products to the market.

In an industry where life-saving and life-changing solutions are at stake, life sciences companies need a way to analyze massive amounts of data to operate better and faster in a highly-regulated landscape.

We implement analytics solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech organizations that put data at the heart of product development, sales plans, and market strategies—which ultimately improves patient outcomes.

Life Science Data and Analytics Services

We help Life Science companies use their data from research, clinical trials, the production line, sales details, and customers to drive progress, improve sales, fuel innovation, and bring ideas to life.

Executive Dashboards

Access a real-time visual display of performance data on everything from corporate balance sheets to the latest clinical trial results.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Account for all sources of compliance data in a single data platform to streamline regulatory reporting and benchmark drug safety measures.

Improve Sales Performance

Get a complete view of sales performance across the organization by monitoring key KPIs such as TRx, NRx, reach, and frequency in the context of targeted prescribers in designated sales territories. Perform rapid sales territory realignments, and give reps tools to target the right physicians, plan their calls and visits, and monitor their own performance.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Segment and analyze prescriber data, pharmacy/distributor data, TRx, NRx, and patient demographics to better target marketing efforts and monitor performance of campaigns.

Manage Your Markets

Get the full picture of profitability within managed markets by monitoring contracts. Understand the impact of rebates, discounts, and promotions in the context of plans, payers, and providers. Perform projections to predict how your business will look like in the future.

Improve Clinical Research Programs and Trials

Perform comparative analysis to improve efficiency of clinical research programs. Analyze and monitor clinical quality indicators and drill down to details.

Life Science Customers

Analytics8 has developed analytics solutions for some of the largest and most innovative biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the globe, including IMS, Sanofi, GSK, Abbott Labs, Abbvie, Astellas, AstraZeneca, Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Salix Pharmaceuticals, and Takeda.

What We Do

We’ll help you with the entire data and analytics lifecycle—from strategy to implementation—so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.

Data Strategy

Thriving with your data starts with a solid strategy. We help you develop a long-term, guiding plan that defines the people, processes, and technology you need to put in place so you can start using your data to achieve your business goals.

Data Management

Cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid–we build secure and flexible data architectures to serve as the foundation you need to take advantage of all of your data.


We implement modern BI solutions so you can automate manual processes, turn data into insights, improve data quality, clearly communicate complex data, and predict trends and behavior.

Featured Customer Story

From Fortune 500 companies, to small innovative companies to non profits, we help our clients make the most of their data.