Customer Story

Pharmaceutical Company’s Sales Team Gets Quick and Clear View to Insights via Embedded Analytics

Company Overview

This global biopharmaceutical company is focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel medicines to meet serious unmet medical needs in oncology, inflammation, and autoimmunity.

Problem: Disparate Data is a Roadblock to Healthy Relationships

This global biopharmaceutical company develops innovative medicines in three areas of focus: oncology, inflammation, and autoimmunity. The company expands its reach and grows its business by establishing and maintaining relationships with healthcare providers around the world. To do that effectively, it was interested in developing an embedded analytics application to provide its sales force with real-time data, as well as the ability to act on any insights gathered from that data in one, single application.

The sales team needed a centralized and accessible way to do deep dive analysis on healthcare providers to proactively address customer needs, identify opportunities, and just better manage the relationship. Additionally, sales managers wanted access to higher-level KPIs to better analyze regions and territories to identify market opportunities, and to create and maintain a strategically developed business plan that reflects in-depth local market and account specific knowledge.

Although they had a functional BI tool in QlikView, it was limited in providing the modern analytics functionality business users were looking for. This large biopharmaceutical company was also running out of licenses for QlikView and saw this as an opportunity to both save money and move to a modern BI tool that would meet its analytics needs. It chose to migrate to Qlik Sense and take advantage of its open platform with APIs to enable embedded analytics but did not have the expertise inhouse to build the application.

Solution: Embedding Analytics to Provide A Complete View of Insights

To develop an embedded analytics application, the biopharmaceutical company needed to port over its data from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Once the migration was complete, Analytics8 worked on first integrating the Qlik Sense APIs with other web applications—such as their CRM and Google Maps, and then on developing an embedded analytics solution that could provide a one-stop shop for business users.

The first step was to address authentication and security. We implemented authentication to Qlik Sense using SSO, which eliminated the need for multiple logins. Next, we secured data with section access, which enabled access to only the data users needed. Depending on the user and the permission they have, certain data will be locked off. But each user has access to custom dashboards that show the KPIs and charts most relevant to their work. The logic built into the dashboards will change the layout based on the user and their accessibility needs, and it allows them to sync directly into their calendars to help with scheduling.

We also built analytics to track how the dashboards are being used to help enhance user experience and make adjustments where necessary.

Results: Single Application Provides Optimal Health Check of Business

The embedded analytics application that Analytics8 developed allows the company’s sales force to log into one app—whether they’re in the office or in the field—to gather insights about their current performance as well as potential opportunities, and to then immediately act on the information. The embedded analytics application provides two functions, including:

  • Performance Analysis: The sales team can check their own performance over a selected period of time using this function. It shows all their KPIs that directly matter to their compensation, and it includes the ability to slice and filter that data should they want to dig into the details of any specific KPI.
  • Discovery Analysis: This function offers a platform for the sales team to get detailed information about current and prospective healthcare providers within their territories. It provides a multi-dimensional picture of the healthcare providers by collecting data from different sources—including social media, email communication, medical and research papers, and speaker engagements tied to the healthcare providers. The sales team can also filter the curated information to identify prospects within their territory and increase sales.

The solution is both an operational as well as analytical tool that has allowed the business users to:

  • Do a deep dive analysis on healthcare providers to better understand their immediate needs, compare it with past interactions, and make a more informed decision on how to proceed with future interactions and potential opportunities.
  • Plan for and schedule future interactions with health care providers from one application and have it automatically added to their individual calendars.
  • View custom visualizations without using extensions with up-to-date data specific to their work.

The move to Qlik Sense and the creation of an embedded analytics application has allowed the company to save money on Qlik View licenses while providing its users the most up-to-date information when they need it. It has also reduced the number of applications the company needs to maintain, as well as the number of applications business users need to use, which results in less error and better user adoption of analytics.

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