No one beats Analytics8's depth and breadth when it comes to working with the Qlik platform. Since 2007, Analytics8 has been one of Qlik's elite consulting, training, and technology partners.

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Qlik Partnership

We help companies design, develop, and deploy end-to-end data and analytics solutions using the Qlik platform. Whether you’re looking to implement Qlik for the first time, need some training, want to migrate to Qlik Sense, or want a review of your existing implementation, we can help you get the most out of Qlik.

Why Now is the Time to Migrate from QlikView to Qlik Sense

Take advantage of Qlik’s modernization program to have access to both platforms at little to no cost.

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Our Qlik Services

  • Qlik Dashboards and Reports

    We specialize in dashboard and report development, report tuning and troubleshooting, report consolidation, report/dashboard distribution, mobile enablement, data source recommendations to support reporting needs, and mashups, extensions, and customizations.
  • Qlik Playbook

    A customized best practices guide that includes workspace administration, data integration, and UI design best practices and project methodology to ensure your environment is configured correctly and you have the right foundation in place to ensure long-term success.
  • Migration to Qlik

    Migrate from your legacy BI platform to Qlik quickly and without disruption. We’ll implement a custom migration plan so that you don’t waste time and money migrating unneeded content.
  • Qlik Health Check

    We evaluate your environment, architecture, and tool usage. Receive detailed recommendations and guiding best practices to improve performance and scalability, utilize unused features, and increase user adoption.
  • Qlik Training and Mentoring

    Equip your team with the knowledge they need to be successful with Qlik through your choice of classroom training, e learning, mentoring, webinars, seminars, and user adoption plan development
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Qlik Resources and Insights

One of the many risks that face manufacturing and distribution companies is ensuring that they have the necessary supplies to maintain operations. Visibility into your supply chain can help to mitigate the risk of critical supplies and services. See how you can identify categories of risk, create contingency plans, and monitor the strength of you supply chain using our Supply Chain Analytics application. This webinar will include a walk-through of the application, how to use the application, how to get your data into the application, as well as how you can obtain the application at no cost.
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In this webinar, we review the migration process from QlikView to Qlik Sense from the business user perspective, identifying key aspects in the decision making process and explaining best-practices for a migration strategy.
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We'd like to do our part to help by offering a free application that can provide an organization with visibility into their supply chain. Additionally, we’d like to offer our assistance in getting anyone up and running using the application. The attached document includes step by step instructions on getting started and provides links to all relevant areas of support.
Get full visibility across all of your spend.
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Our location analytics engine for QlikView and Qlik Sense.
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Seamlessly integrate your data in SAP BOBJ into Qlik.
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Take advantage of Qlik’s modernization program to have access to both platforms at little to no cost.
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Qlik is known as an attractive BI tool in the data analytics industry, but many users do not realize they can use their Qlik products for big picture data strategies including data governance, migration to the cloud, and more.
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We had the opportunity to interview the Director of Analytics Services at EDUCAUSE to learn more about how they’re getting their higher education association members to be more successful with their data. Here’s what she had to say.
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At Analytics8 we leverage AWS EC2 for many of our testing environments. These testing environments are intended to be very temporary, so only the bare resources necessary are required to use the server setup. Recently, I ran into an issue with one such server – here’s how I fixed the problem.
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Technology Integration

We build Qlik Solutions integrating various technologies.

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To thrive with your data, your people, processes, and technology must all be data-focused. This may sound daunting, but we can help you get there. Sign up to meet with one of our analytics experts who will review your data struggles and help map out steps to achieve data-driven decision making.

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In one hour, get practical advice that you can use to initiate or continue your move of data and analytics workloads to the cloud.

During your free one-hour cloud strategy session, we will:

  • Review how the cloud fits into overall corporate strategy
  • Review how the cloud fits into data and analytics strategy
  • Review existing cloud assets
  • Discuss data and current analytics solutions to prioritize what components should be moved to the cloud

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