Data Governance Consulting

Give data users in your organization access to the right information⁠—exactly when they need it⁠—so they can apply appropriate data insights to their decision-making.

Why you need a data governance program

Data Governance

With a data governance program in place, your business will have access to quality and trusted information, and your users will understand what data is available, where it is located, and how to use it. Established data governance processes promote quick turn-around when data is needed for analytics and reporting across the enterprise.

Outcomes of Data Governance

Data governance breeds higher quality and more secure data and creates transparency into data processes across the organization.

Data Quality

Gain more trust in your data by having data quality standards and processes, such as an inventory of data quality rules, established thresholds for data quality metrics, a regular cadence of quality metric reviews, and a defined process for root cause analysis and resolution for data quality issues.

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Data Security

As the most valuable asset of your organization, ensure the security of your data by having definitions of data security sensitivity levels, rules for sensitive data and regulatory compliance, definitions for user roles, and defined polices for data exchange between systems, vendors, partners, and employees.

Transparency & Change Management

Provide clarity across the organization with documented data processes and procedures; a complete inventory of databases, tables, and columns; owners and stewards assigned to data subject areas; and defined data lineage for operational data integrations and ETL.

Our "right fit" approach to data governance

Every organization’s data governance needs are different. We design a custom “right fit” approach to data governance for each of our clients. Here’s our philosophy behind creating and maintaining a successful data governance program.

Practical, maintainable, and proportional

For a data governance program to be successful, it should realistic – it must match a company’s needs, size, urgency, maturity, and capabilities, and be designed to scale as needed. To ensure you get the right amount of governance at the right time, your data governance program will be designed to align with your data strategy, making sure that data governance blends into everyday operations.

Data governance is a journey, not a destination

Data governance should be an ongoing investment in your organization, not a project with start and end dates. We believe in a “just enough” approach to data governance but also one that promotes growth. So as your data governance activities expand, and as more people your organization take on data governance responsibilities, each new component should be assessed and formally integrated into your program.

Data governance is not a software application or widget

Data governance-specific tools can be a powerful addition to analytics solutions but they can also be costly. Before any investments are made in technology, we place focus on getting the right people and processes in place. We also help our clients take advantage of their existing technologies that have features to support data governance. If and when a long-term investment in a data governance tool is needed, we evaluate which tool is the right fit.

Data Governance Services

Whether you are creating a data governance program from scratch or growing your existing program, we will work with you to make your data and analytics more accessible, trustworthy, and actionable to the organization.

Data Governance Evaluation

We'll evaluate your data governance program and provide you with a detailed plan outlining areas of governance to establish, expand, or improve upon. Our evaluation comes with our recommended order of prioritization and a timeline for deliverables to help you experience value quickly.

Data Governance Program Development

We will help you establish a comprehensive data governance program where each component is customized to your business environment and goals. You'll have a data glossary, data dictionary, and data catalog, security policies, and all data governance processes defined and documented. If establishing a steering committee, we will define the necessary roles and responsibilities and can assist with the selection of committee members.

Data Governance and User Adoption

From the get-go, our data governance recommendations are sensitive to the time investment from business users and come with a realistic phased timeline. We also provide the support needed to receive top-level buy in and demonstrate the value data governance will bring to your organization. Our change management approach focuses on data literacy, orientation, and training to gradually shift your culture to one which embraces and thrives with governance.

Data Quality Metrics and KPIs

When you commit to data governance, you need to know that your efforts are resulting in higher-quality data that's being used to make strategic decisions. We will work with you to establish metrics so you can benchmark how useful and relevant your data is, helping you to refine your data governance processes and keep improving data quality.

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