Generative AI Consulting

Uncover the possibilities of generative AI for your organization and get innovative solutions that will help you transform your business.

Generative AI Strategy

Every AI initiative must be grounded in strategy.  

Strategy is our forte – and our strong emphasis on it will ensure that your AI project is not only technically feasible, but also aligned with your long-term business vision.

When you work with us, you’ll get a comprehensive strategy outlining the people, processes, and technology you need to meet goals with AI – and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Pragmatically move from AI experimentation to execution.

Our pragmatic, structured approach will help you move from prototype phase to strategic use of generative AI in your business. You will benefit from quick time to value with practically sized solutions, while building a foundation that allows you to remain nimble in an ever-changing landscape.

Our philosophy drives long term success →

Everything starts with a strong data analytics foundation

Generative AI isn’t simply “turned on”. We work with our clients to ensure foundational elements are in place to set the stage for success — including a sound data architecture, an up-to-date data strategy, and the right data team to execute all initiatives. 

AI should be part of your solution, not THE solution

Generative AI should not be utilized without some level of human scrutiny. It should be used at the appropriate point within your data processes—and with proper validation protocols in place.

Data literacy is paramount 

Every employee must know how the technology behind generative AI works, including who owns the data entered into – and generated by – AI tools. Corporate policies around acceptable use, data usage, and ethics protect your data, your people, and your reputation.

Work with a full-service consultancy

We have the full range of knowledge and expertise necessary to help companies prepare for and implement generative AI into their data analytics ecosystem.

Generative AI Use Case Development

While necessary, the investment in generative AI is risky, especially without the right use case in mind. Working alongside your business stakeholders, we define strategic use cases for generative AI that will bring lasting value. 

Generative AI Strategy

We’ll uncover the possibilities of generative AI for your organization and then provide a comprehensive and tangible plan—including the people, processes, technology, and data—to achieve that vision. 

Generative AI Execution

We are not only advisors; we have AI specialists with the experience and knowledge of emerging technologies to build the best solutions for your team. Our engineers align themselves with your business objectives to build innovative solutions that stand the test of time.

Generative AI Services

Turn your generative AI prototypes and ideas into production applications.

Our generative AI services range from readiness assessment and use case identification—to strategy and execution—to developing private corporate LLMs. 

Generative AI Readiness Assessment

We will assess your analytics environment and bodies of corporate data and intellectual property that could be ripe for generative AI use cases. We will then gauge your organization’s culture and existing lists of use cases to lay out exactly what’s needed for you to successfully launch AI applications into production.

AI Use Case Development

We will work alongside the business stakeholders to put generative AI into practice. With intimate knowledge of your goals, pain points, and vision, we define and prioritize high value generative AI use cases from comprehensive workforce strategies to role-specific applications. Our recommendations aren't based on hype—we strategically identify AI use cases that will bring sustaining value.

Generative AI Strategy & Execution

We will develop a comprehensive strategy roadmap that maps out the people, processes, and technology you need to meet organizational goals with generative AI. When ready to move forward, we have top talent to execute your AI strategy to make generative AI a reality for your business operations.

Private LLM Implementation

Generative AI provides new avenues for creativity and innovation, but utilizing public LLMs like ChatGPT puts your corporate data and intellectual property at risk. We implement private LLMs, build private chatbots, and train your staff on proper usage to promote adoption of your AI solution and ensure your company information remains secure.

About Us

When you work with us, you get elite data analytics consultants who have experience solving the exact problems that you are facing.

Since 2002, we’ve been driven forward by one mission: transforming organizations with powerful data and analytics.

Our approach, grounded in fundamentals and focused on the future, has helped our clients navigate the many transformative shifts that have taken place in the data analytics landscape over the last 20+ years.

As AI takes shape, we are trusted advisors to help your business plan for organizational and cultural changes that are occurring—and we have experienced AI engineers to build the solutions you need to adapt and transform

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