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Analytics8 Uses Gen AI to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Client Engagement


Analytics8 is a data and analytics consulting firm with operations in the US, UK, and Europe. Over the past two decades, we’ve directly assisted more than 900 clients in unlocking the potential of data. Our diverse team of data experts partner with clients across various industries, offering services across the entire data lifecycle including data strategy, data engineering, analytics, Gen AI, and data governance.

Business Goals

Analytics8 aims to improve internal accountability and ensure consistent, personalized client engagements. Specifically, Analytics8 seeks to utilize Gen AI to:

  • Develop an AI-Enabled Onboarding System: Establish a tailored, AI-driven process to accelerate new employee integration and training — enhancing engagement, productivity, and retention.
  • Automate Contract Management Processes: Implement AI to digitize and standardize contract creation and review to streamline operations, minimize errors, and ensure consistent application of contractual terms.
  • Enhance Oversight with AI: Utilize generative AI to strengthen adherence and oversight in crucial pre-sales and operational processes. This includes refining pricing, scope assessments, and value messaging frameworks to provide sales teams with the essential tools for confident client engagement.


We collaborated closely with internal stakeholders from both IT and business sectors to tailor our approach. Here are the technical steps we took:

  • Built Domain-Specific Knowledge Bases: We constructed specialized knowledge bases that provide secure, contextually relevant information, maximizing the utility and application of insights and foundational knowledge.
  • Integrated Generative AI via Serverless Architecture: We developed applications leveraging APIs to communicate with a variety of LLMs. We utilized primarily AWS serverless technologies to create a scalable, flexible infrastructure supporting agility and avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: Through meticulous data cleansing and prompt engineering, we ensured the accuracy and security of AI interactions, maintaining high standards for information exchange. This ensures proper implementation and use of the solution.


Analytics8 uses generative AI and private LLMs to optimize internal operations and foster a consistent but personalized customer experience, including:

  • AI-Driven HR Support: We implemented a chatbot, that understands employee policies and procedures, providing real-time assistance and significantly reducing the workload on the HR department.
  • Tailored Onboarding Experience: The AI-enabled onboarding process ensures everyone has equal access to institutional knowledge and proprietary methodologies, which speeds up productivity ramp up.
  • Enhanced Sales Support: By deploying generative AI assistants, we provide the sales team with advanced tools for crafting customized client interactions, reinforcing the company’s commitment to bespoke service and engagement.
  • Automated Contract Management: To eliminate inefficiencies, we apply AI for contract generation and review processes, establishing a new standard for precision and expediency, and significantly decreasing manual intervention.

Analytics8’s strategic integration of private LLMs not only streamlines internal processes but also establishes new standards for operational efficiency and client engagement, showcasing the impact of advanced technology on modern business practices.


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