AWS Consulting

We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner with consultants who help companies design, develop, and deploy end-to-end data and analytics solutions using AWS technologies.

AWS Partners

Analytics8 is an AWS consulting partner. Customers of all sizes and industries are benefitting from cloud-based solutions we build using AWS managed services.

Considering AWS?

AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. We can help you understand and identify the best combination of tools so that you don’t waste time and money on solutions that overlap or are the wrong fit for your needs.

Our AWS Consulting Services

We provide a one-stop shop for the management of AWS analytics solutions from strategy, architecture, development, DevOps, cost optimization, management and support, and billing.

AWS Data Architecture

We design and build modern data architectures in AWS that promote the use of high quality, relevant, and accessible data. These cloud solutions help reduce costs, increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and they are built to grow along with your business. We can help you choose the best technologies within AWS to make the most of your data and analytics solutions.

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AWS Health Check

Get an evaluation of your existing environments for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization through our AWS consulting services. We'll provide detailed recommendations and guiding best practices to optimize on these five areas.

Database Platform Migration

We’ll help you migrate your data assets to AWS. Your custom migration plan will include stand-up and configuration of AWS technical migration details for all environments, training, and go-live procedures.

Data Science with Amazon SageMaker

We transform vague ideas about machine learning into specific actionable efforts. We’ll help you acquire the data you need, build machine learning models, interpret and communicate the results, and deploy them into production.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Using our AWS cloud migration checklist, we can help determine if and what assets you’re ready to move to the cloud. We’ll provide the steps you need for an efficient migration with an emphasis on minimal disruptions to your business.

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  • Snowflake
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The Modern Tech Stack

AWS integrates with a robust ecosystem of technology partners. We’ll help determine which additional tech you might need to take full advantage of the benefits available across your entire data stack.

What We Do

Analytics8 is a full-service data analytics consulting agency. We implement the best solution to transform your organization with data-driven decisions.


Strategy and Planning

Seeing the big picture can be difficult when you’re busy running the business. Better manage, analyze, and utilize your data to reach your business goals.

Data Strategy | AI Strategy | Tooling & Architecture | Data Governance


Focus on your business while we build your end-to-end data analytics solutions. Get the right data foundation, technology, and processes to analyze growing data volumes.

Data Platform Build | Platform & Data Migration | Data Visualization | Gen AI | App/BI Integrations

Adoption and Maintenance

Ensure ROI through long term adoption and usability. Get ongoing expertise to help you manage and optimize your data solutions as your business evolves.

Training | Advisory | Support & Maintenance | Data Program Maintenance