Data Science

Machine Learning gives you deeper insights – letting you look ahead so you can make more proactive data-driven decisions.

The true potential of data is still untouched by many organizations. Powerful tools and data science techniques available today allow any company with a lot of data to get started with machine learning – not just those large organizations with vast resources.

Featured Webinar

Simplifying Data Science

Check out this webinar to learn more about data science and machine learning – it is not as hard as you may think to get started; and once you do, you’ll see immediate business value.

What can you do with machine learning?

  • Customer churn analysis
  • Personalized marketing
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Route optimization
  • Risk modeling
  • Fraud detection
  • Customer profiling
  • Understand employee retention
  • ... and so much more

Use Data Science to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Decrease Churn

Our Data Science Consulting Services

We will assess your readiness, guide you away from costly processes and tools that won’t bring value, and build models that reduce or eliminate human bias. We work with all traditional and modern data science tools on the market.

Data Science A8 Accelerator

To succeed with data science, you need a plan that starts with your business goals. In our Data Science Accelerator, we assess your business objectives; develop, test, and train machine learning models with your data to provide interpretable results; and outline a plan for how you can achieve long-term success with data science. At the end of the Accelerator, you get a data science implementation plan to start executing on.

Get the details on the A8 Accelerator

Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models

We can prepare your data and build powerful machine learning models using R, Python, or other modern tools on the market. By then integrating these models into your existing reporting platform, you gain richer analysis and more insight inside the tools you already know.

Our Ethical Approach to Data Science

Data science can bring huge benefits, but it can also result in quick failure without the proper planning and preparation. We’ll spend time up front ensuring you are data science ready and make sure you understand the ramifications of machine-learning based decisions.

Featured Customer Stories

Machine learning models and advanced analytics techniques allow this company to proactively improve customer satisfaction and lower customer churn.

The visibility we are providing with this predictive analytics tool could change the way our field team goes to market.
  • Snowflake

Technologies We Work With

While we don’t anchor ourselves to a single tool or platform, our consultants have experience solutioning for various use cases using everything from open-source software to enterprise-ready options.

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