Healthcare Analytics

Use data to improve patient outcomes and minimize provider costs.

Healthcare organizations carry a large responsibility—they seek to deliver the best possible patient experience and outcome at cost effective rates. To achieve this balance, a strong data infrastructure, a data-driven culture, and the right tools are required.

We help healthcare companies use their data to move from fee-for-service to value-based care and understand the importance of longitudinal data from multiple sources to demonstrate effectiveness of care.

With healthcare policy and regulation in constant flux, health care providers (and payers) should have a flexible modern data infrastructure so that they can be nimble and resilient in a critically-important and dynamic industry.

Data and Analytics Services for Healthcare Providers and Insurers

We help healthcare providers such as major hospital systems, home health care companies, rehabilitation services, dentists, pharmacies, and even veterinarians integrate data from Epic, Cerner, and other EMR systems to reduce re-admissions, lower the average cost per case, increase patient and physician satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

Develop Robust & Secure Data Infrastructure

It takes more than just reporting from an EMR systems for healthcare providers to achieve their goals. They must integrate all kinds of data whether from their payer partners, public sources, or other niche data sources to truly have the visibility needed to advance their missions. We can build the data infrastructure your organization needs to support data scientists, analysts, administrators, regulators, clinicians, and others.

Executive Dashboards

See the relationships between financial, quality, patient flow, and workforce data. Maximize efficiency by analyzing staffing levels, patient turnover, and wait times.

Improve Patient Experience

Report and share relevant patient history and care data between healthcare providers for improved, personalized patient care. Get a unified view of patients by connecting clinical, insurance, and demographic data. Ensure patient confidentiality in secure reporting systems.

Patient and Provider Cost Optimization

Analyze inventory, supply, and vendor data to uncover cost saving opportunities and streamline your supply chain.

Monitor Multiple Hospitals, Clinics, Locations

Integrate data across multiple hospitals, clinics, and functional areas (clinical care, finance, research, operations, etc.) to get insights into processes and outcomes across multiple facilities.

Analytics for Healthcare Insurers

Use data to design customized insurance plans, deliver a personalized experience for members, fast track claims, and improve customer reporting so members can make better decisions regarding their coverage and overall health.

What We Do

Analytics8 is a full-service data analytics consulting agency. We implement the best solution to transform your organization with data-driven decisions.


Strategy and Planning

Seeing the big picture can be difficult when you’re busy running the business. Better manage, analyze, and utilize your data to reach your business goals.

Data Strategy | AI Strategy | Tooling & Architecture | Data Governance


Focus on your business while we build your end-to-end data analytics solutions. Get the right data foundation, technology, and processes to analyze growing data volumes.

Data Platform Build | Platform & Data Migration | Data Visualization | Gen AI | App/BI Integrations

Adoption and Maintenance

Ensure ROI through long term adoption and usability. Get ongoing expertise to help you manage and optimize your data solutions as your business evolves.

Training | Advisory | Support & Maintenance | Data Program Maintenance