Combine Machine Learning and Data Visualization to Predict the Future

What if you could easily uncover patterns in your data that help not only predict the future, but help you take action and improve your business?
In this webinar we outline how this is possible. We focus on an important topic for many organizations: customer churn. Many companies are stuck looking backwards – only able to identify lost customers after they’re gone, without realizing they already have the data they need to predict turnover.
What if you could identify the factors that are associated with lost customers and predict which customers are likely to leave? Would you like to know if there are different factors contributing to high-value vs. low-value customers attrition?

How would your business improve if you could do something about it? In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use machine learning to uncover patterns in your data that will help you take action and improve your business
  • Identify and understand the factors that influence customer churn and classify individuals based on their predicted likelihood to churn
  • Once you have identified at-risk customers, uncover what you should do to retain them
  • How to create machine learning models and integrate them into a data visualization tool
  • How to use a data visualization tool to operationalize the results of a machine learning model

Meet the host

Patrick Vinton, Chief Technology Officer, Analytics8

Patrick is responsible for leading the technical direction of Analytics8, ensuring that we are able to provide the most cutting edge and effective technologies, methodologies, and approaches to help our customers make the best decisions with data.