The Makeup of a High-Performing Data Analytics Team (Plus Advice for Heads of Data)

When building a successful Data & Analytics (D&A) team, there’s a lot to think about: skillsets, roles, budget, culture change, training, and more.

Hear from our Principal Consultant, Josh Johnston and our VP of Consulting, Kevin Lobo for a live conversation about the crucial elements of developing a high-performing D&A team that supports your business objectives.

Here’s what they cover:

  • Setting the strategy and objective of your D&A team to support the overall business
  • The types of roles and responsibilities needed for your D&A team and when and how to scale the team
  • Best practices around processes, standards, and continuous learning and development
  • What it takes to be an effective Head of Data or other data leader

Who is this for?

Individuals responsible for forming and leading data teams, including:

  • Data leaders seeking to build out their team
  • Executives aiming to optimize their D&A talent strategy
  • Anyone seeking leadership advise

Meet the hosts

Kevin Lobo, VP of Consulting, Analytics8

Kevin is our VP of Consulting and is based out of our Chicago office. He leads the entirety of our consulting organization, including 100+ consultants in the U.S. and Europe.

Josh Johnston, Principal Consultant, Analytics8

Josh is a Principal Consultant at Analytics8 with a focus on Data Management, Data Strategy, and Data Leadership. Having served as Head of Data for two enterprise clients, Josh brings expertise on not only building effective D&A teams, but also leading those teams and championing their success. Josh brings a balance of hard technical skills and soft skills to develop, enable, and elevate data-driven leaders.