Interactive Workshop: Techniques to Master Your Data Strategy

Friday, May 31, 10-11am CST

When the outcome of your data work isn’t aligning with expectations, it’s time to assess your Data Strategy.

In this hands-on workshop, our host, Christina Salmi, will use our Data Strategy framework to help attendees identify gaps in their Data Strategy, prioritize efforts to increase maturity, and formalize a plan that’s understood by the whole organization.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with our experts and other attendees about how to drive more value with your Data Strategy.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A Data Strategy Scorecard to communicate where you rank for the 5 critical pillars of a Data Strategy
  • Actionable next steps to increase maturity in each of the pillars
  • A list of considerations to prioritize your data work and see immediate value
  • Insights into other organizations’ Data Strategies and where they’re seeing success and feeling pain

Who is this for?

Anyone involved in planning organizational data initiatives:

  • Executives seeking to improve their bottom line by using data to drive better decision-making
  • Those seeking to achieve buy-in of a more formal Data Strategy program
  • Data Strategy owners who want to improve upon their plan

This workshop is for prospects and Analytics8 customers only (no vendors).

What will the session look like?

This is an interactive workshop where you’ll have a forum to ask questions and connect directly with our Data Strategy experts. You’ll get the tools to level-up your Data Strategy, while hearing from other attendees about data initiatives they’re prioritizing at their orgs.

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Meet the host

Christina Salmi, Managing Director, Analytics8

Christina leads our Data Strategy Service Line, helping our customers to think and act strategically about data and analytics.