Simplifying Data Science

Using data science to improve your business and how to get started

Most companies know that data science and machine learning can have a profound impact on their business, but they often struggle with where to start and how to augment their existing analytics solutions with advanced analytics. Check out this webinar to learn more about data science and machine learning – it is not as hard as you may think to get started; and once you do, you’ll see immediate business value.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The different types of analytics and why companies are finding data science so valuable.
  • How to evaluate how analytically mature you are and how data science fits in with your existing analytics ecosystem.
  • Real use cases for data science.
  • What happens on a typical data science project.
  • Tips for getting started.

Meet the host

Matt Levy, Managing Consultant and Data Science Practice Lead, Analytics8

Matt Levy is a Managing Consultant and the Data Science Practice Lead at Analytics8. Practicing what we call “ethical data science,” Matt specializes in making sure that our customers avoid bias when building machine learning models so that their projects bring real value to their organization. Matt wrote his Masters Capstone thesis on fantasy golf analysis, and is a consistent winner of A8 fantasy sports competitions.