Data Visualization: Dashboard Design for Insight

Data Visualization: Dashboard Design for Insight and Action

Data Visualization is a hot topic as companies look to deliver information more effectively.  However, all too often we focus on the technologies behind the dashboard as opposed to the best practices associated with the design and visual display of the information.  This can lead to the creation of dashboards that fail to tell a story, identify trends, or help the consumer make better decisions.

Join us as we take a journey through some current trends and use cases around effective dashboard design. We discuss appropriate chart types, colors, placement and tools for different scenarios and how to organize and display the data to provide the most value.

Meet the hosts

Christina Salmi, Managing Director, Analytics8

Christina leads our Data Strategy Service Line, helping our customers to think and act strategically about data and analytics.

Scott Joelson, Managing Consultant, Analytics8

Scott is a seasoned technology professional, specializing in delivering sophisticated BI solutions, enabling clients to make better, faster business decisions. He specializes in server architecture, system administration development, design and training.