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Data Strategy Enables Cielo to Take Valuable Data Products to Market

About Cielo

Cielo is the world’s leading talent acquisition partner offering a variety of services—from recruitment process outsourcing to total talent acquisition, as well as employer branding and technology consulting. Cielo customizes their recruitment strategy using technology-enabled solutions so that it aligns with each business’ goals—providing their customers the edge in the race for great talent, especially in a fast-changing talent landscape.

The company uses data—applicant demographics and skills levels, compensation packages, benefits, HR processes, and more—to track status of hires and open positions. These metrics help Cielo’s clients gauge recruiting and hiring efforts and help Cielo better understand which clients need more help and where to focus it.

As the company experiences sustained growth, Cielo’s mission remains consistent: humanizing the talent acquisition experience and helping employers find and retain the talent that makes their businesses shine.


Cielo has goals to continue growth—by serving new markets and acquiring additional companies.

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Cielo’s leadership challenged the company to think big and go after the massive employer-driven needs within the marketplace. With seismic shifts in the employment ecosystem across the globe, Cielo is looking to position themselves as the go-to talent acquisition partner for organizations that want to take advantage of this environment.

To continue their growth goals, Cielo needed to develop a data strategy for a more effective internal use of data, as well as to create a path toward data monetization.


Like many services organizations, Cielo has a wide variety of clients—each with their own data sources and systems—making it difficult for them to combine data across customers to view trends and to see aggregated data by new dimensions.

Additionally, Cielo’s own technology stack was outdated and consisted of multiple BI tools—including SharePoint and Excel—where data was being manually manipulated for operational reporting. The company needed an automated and streamlined data and analytics solution.


Analytics8 reviewed Cielo’s current technology stack and business processes and interviewed key stakeholders to understand what their pain points were and where the company wanted to see improvements in both the short and long term.

We recommended and built a modern data architecture for their technology stack. They already had a Python-based framework that they had developed internally, and we combined that with a Snowflake data warehouse and Looker for their BI tool—supporting operational and analytical efforts for nine of Cielo’s clients.

By taking the business logic out of the business intelligence layer and placing it within the data warehouse layer, the solution we built allows for data to be used in other instances—CRMs or other applications—without the need to recreate the business logic.

We automated the invoicing process making it easier to identify areas of lost revenue as well as capture new revenue opportunities more quickly. We built Looker dashboards that can be used across clients—with automated security features controlling access—making it easier for Cielo to provide a seamless user experience.

Additionally, we recommended they clearly define key roles and tasks within their data engineering and data analytics departments and consider a data governance committee. Finally, we identified monetization use cases and developed a roadmap that outlined a plan to move forward.

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The new data architecture will allow Cielo to roll-up data across clients and verticals; provide a more modern reporting experience to their customers; aggregate their data for forecasting, industry trends, and benchmarks; and initiate the process of monetizing their data. With a modern data stack, Cielo is equipped to scale faster, especially as they continue to bring in significantly more recruiting data from clients.

The plan we put together gives Cielo a clear path to additional value streams by leveraging their data to create premium data products that help their clients with recruiting and hiring efforts.

Meaningful metrics Cielo uses to drive value for clients includes:

  • Hiring metrics to help predict the lead time to hire a candidate.
  • Salary metrics to help ensure new hire offers are in line with the current market.
  • Technical and soft skill level metrics to identify skill gaps and roles they should be hiring for.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) metrics to meet diversity objectives.

Cielo can provide these insights through forecasting and benchmarking reports, dashboards, raw data, or by providing consulting services for their clients. These data products allow Cielo’s customers to improve their overall recruiting and hiring processes, ensuring the right people are put in the right roles.

Cielo will also be able to redirect its talent to working on creating reports as opposed to spending valuable time on manual processes and data aggregation.


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Cielo is the world’s leading talent acquisition partner offering a variety of services—from recruitment process outsourcing to total talent acquisition, as well as employer branding and technology consulting.

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