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We are a Microsoft Partner with consultants specializing in Power BI and Azure.

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Microsoft Partners

We use Microsoft technologies to help companies design, develop, and deploy end-to-end data and analytics solutions. Whether you’re looking for help with Power BI development, migrating to the cloud, or need a review of your Azure platform, our consultants make sure you get the most from your Microsoft solutions.

Power BI Consulting Services

  • Power BI Dashboards and Reports

    We specialize in dashboard and report development, report tuning and troubleshooting, report consolidation, report/dashboard distribution, mobile enablement, data source recommendations to support reporting needs, and mashups, extensions, and customizations.
  • Power BI Playbook

    A customized best practices guide that includes workspace administration, data integration, and UI design best practices and project methodology to ensure your environment is configured correctly and you have the right foundation in place to ensure long-term success.
  • Migration to Power BI

    Migrate from your legacy BI platform to Power BI quickly and without disruption. We’ll implement a custom migration plan so that you don’t waste time and money migrating unneeded content.
  • Power BI Health Check

    We interview key stakeholders to identify KPIs and use cases and perform an evaluation of your environment, architecture, and tool usage. Receive detailed recommendations and guiding best practices to improve performance and scalability, utilize unused features, and increase user adoption.
  • Power BI Training and Mentoring

    Equip your team with the knowledge they need to be successful with Power BI through your choice of classroom training, e learning, mentoring, webinars, seminars, and user adoption plan development.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

  • Azure Data Architecture

    We build flexible data architectures on Azure that promote the use of high quality, relevant, and accessible data. These cloud solutions help reduce costs and improve efficiencies and are built to grow along with your business.
  • Azure Health Check

    Get an evaluation of your existing environments for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. We'll provide detailed recommendations and guiding best practices to improve on these five areas.
  • Microsoft SQL Database/Synapse Migration

    Migrate your data assets to Azure. Your custom migration plan will include stand-up and configuration of Azure, technical migration details for all environments, training, and go-live procedures.

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Data Science & Machine Learning Services

Using Azure Machine Learning, we can help transform your vague ideas about machine learning into specific actionable efforts. We’ll help you acquire the data you need, build machine learning models, interpret and communicate the results, and deploy them into production.

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Microsoft Insights

Strategies, tips, and best practices to get the most from your Microsoft solutions.

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To thrive with your data, your people, processes, and technology must all be data-focused. This may sound daunting, but we can help you get there. Sign up to meet with one of our analytics experts who will review your data struggles and help map out steps to achieve data-driven decision making.

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Cloud Strategy Session

In one hour, get practical advice that you can use to initiate or continue your move of data and analytics workloads to the cloud.

During your free one-hour cloud strategy session, we will:

  • Review how the cloud fits into overall corporate strategy
  • Review how the cloud fits into data and analytics strategy
  • Review existing cloud assets
  • Discuss data and current analytics solutions to prioritize what components should be moved to the cloud

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