Customer Story

Migrated Trinseo’s Qlik Environment to Microsoft Azure

Company Overview

Trinseo is a global materials company, focusing particularly on the manufacture of plastics, latex, and synthetic rubber. In 2019 and 2020, Trinseo embarked on a large technical and business migration away from a third-party service provider to enable future growth and transformation.


Trinseo’s analytics solutions were housed in an expensive, third party hosting environment and for many reasons- including the desire for improved performance, security, and flexibility, they wanted to migrate their entire Qlik Sense environment to Azure Cloud. They also wanted to have a more modern and agile infrastructure in place so they could rapidly prototype new projects to overcome bottlenecks and slowdowns they were currently experiencing when trying to start new analytics projects.

We are thrilled with our new cloud-based solution. It is faster than the old environment and will reduce costs in the long-run for Trinseo. Working with Analytics8 made the entire project easy to achieve success as they led us the entire way and collaborated closely when questions and issues arose.


We assessed Trinseo’s timeframe, goals, and constraints and developed a migration plan for moving their Qlik Sense environment to Azure. This plan included best practices to ensure zero downtime and minimal code freeze in their important analytical environment. Concurrent to the migration, we performed an upgrade to a newer Qlik version. This enabled Trinseo to take advantage of Qlik Sense’s more contemporary features and functionality. In addition, we cleaned up Trinseo’s security rules and Active Directory structure-based roles to simplify administration.


The new Azure server and cloud infrastructure performs better and is more cost effective per month. With their more modern data architecture in place, they are also taking advantage of the following benefits:

• Significantly faster performance
• Ability to use new Qlik Sense extensions and visual chart options which allow for better dashboards and analytics
• Optimized and improved security model
• Ability to explore new data sources and rapidly prototype new Qlik apps and projects. They are already seeing new analytics activities within their Supply Chain and Manufacturing functions as a result of tighter integration with source data
• Confidence to easily meet audit and regulatory requirements


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