dbt (data build tool) Consulting

We are a dbt Premier Consulting Partner and provide dbt development, deployment, and training.

dbt Partners

We are a dbt Premier Consulting Partner and recipient of the 2022 Gold dbt Certification Award. Our experienced dbt consultants can help you implement dbt as part of the modern data stack. Using our analytics engineering best practices, we help you get the most out of dbt and transform your messy data flows into a clean, consistent, consolidated, and confirmed data architecture.

Our dbt (data build tool) Consulting Services

Data Strategy and Assessments

We'll assess your current data and analytics issues and develop a complete data strategy, including a step-by-step plan to achieve long-term goals. Nobody wants to pay a vendor to come in and tell them what they already know – that’s why at the end of your assessment, you’ll be equipped with a customized plan for how exactly to move forward.

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Build Modern Data Architectures using dbt

We build modern, secure, and flexible data architectures that promote the use of high quality, relevant, and accessible data. Built to grow along with your business, a solid data architecture supports your analytics needs, including business intelligence, data science, custom applications, and regulatory reporting.

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dbt Data Modeling

When using a tool like dbt, it’s critically important to have sound data models. We can help you develop a strategy to ensure you have a solid foundation in place that enables you to build efficient, reusable, performant, and cost-effective models with dbt. We can also assess and analyze your existing data models and untangle and optimize these data models.

dbt Cloud Configuration

We can help you configure dbt projects for both dbt Cloud and dbt CLI. We can help you: set up roles and permissions in your data warehouse tool, set up integration with your data warehouse and dbt, set up integration with GitHub, leverage packages available, and create optimized CI/CD pipeline.

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dbt Healthcheck

We evaluate your existing dbt implementation and provide detailed recommendations and action items to optimize your environment and improve performance and scalability.

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dbt Training

We can help you turn your analytics engineers into analytics architects. We provide training for how to model and integrate disparate data, which is the foundation to building solid dbt data models.

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dbt Advisory Services

Whether you’re just getting started with dbt, or need help improving an existing implementation, our dbt Advisory Services will provide you the structure and expertise to get the most out of your project. We will configure, review, fix, and optimize all aspects of your dbt environment including your data warehouse, orchestration, modeling, and much more. We ensure your dbt implementation is clean, optimized, performant, and reliable. With our advisory services and proven project structure, you will be set up for a long-term success using dbt.

The Essential Guide to dbt Health Checks

When is the last time you performed a dbt Health Check? As your data landscape expands, timely dbt health checks prevent performance hiccups.

How dbt played a part in iFit's triple-digit growth

dbt’s ELT methodology brings increased agility and speed to iFit’s data pipeline. What would have taken months with traditional ETL tools, now takes weeks or days.

Learn What dbt Can Bring to Databricks

A common question we see is, “Do I need dbt Labs if I already have Databricks?” Our data experts explain the benefits of doing so in this Q&A.

  • google cloud platform
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
  • Looker

The Modern Tech Stack

dbt integrates with a robust ecosystem of technology partners. We’ll help determine which additional tech you might need to take full advantage of the benefits available across your entire data stack. 

What We Do

Analytics8 is a full-service data analytics consulting agency. We implement the best solution to transform your organization with data-driven decisions.


Strategy and Planning

Seeing the big picture can be difficult when you’re busy running the business. Better manage, analyze, and utilize your data to reach your business goals.

Data Strategy | AI Strategy | Tooling & Architecture | Data Governance


Focus on your business while we build your end-to-end data analytics solutions. Get the right data foundation, technology, and processes to analyze growing data volumes.

Data Platform Build | Platform & Data Migration | Data Visualization | Gen AI | App/BI Integrations

Adoption and Maintenance

Ensure ROI through long term adoption and usability. Get ongoing expertise to help you manage and optimize your data solutions as your business evolves.

Training | Advisory | Support & Maintenance | Data Program Maintenance