dbt Webinar: 5 Steps to Optimize Your dbt Implementation

In this virtual session with our in-house experts, Amos Budde and Tyler Rouze, delve into how to maximize the benefits of your dbt implementation and ensure you are taking advantage of new dbt features for peak performance.

They discuss the five elements that should be assessed in a dbt Health Check and how to build a practical roadmap for remediation. They also share insights from a case study with a national insurance company, where a proactive dbt health check allowed them to confidently step into a data-driven future, equipped with a strategy tailored to foster growth and operational success.

Who is this for?

Existing users of dbt! We welcome data leaders seeking to optimize their data architecture + data engineers and analysts who use dbt in their day-to-day.

Meet the hosts

Tyler Rouze, Managing Consultant, Analytics8

Tyler Rouze is a data management consultant at Analytics8 who specializes in helping clients modernize their data management practices and tools. He is an open-source contributor to the dbt-core project, speaker, and loves learning about new technology and thinking about how to improve the analytics development workflow. He has experience across the data lifecycle having held roles as a Data Analyst, Engineer, and Architect.