There is no shortage of analytics tools in the market. We can help you navigate your options to ensure you select the best technology based on your unique needs.

Evaluation and Selection

We can help you review and select the best analytics platform to satisfy your BI needs.

Our Partners and Software Solutions

We have experience with a wide range of analytics vendors and products. These are the technologies we work with the most.

  • Alteryx

    Using Alteryx's advanced analytics software, we provide our customers with a single workflow for data blending, analytics, and reporting.


  • Amazon Web Services

    We can design, architect, build, migrate, and manage your BI applications on AWS.

    Amazon Web Services

  • Birst

    We have vast experience deploying Birst into large, complex enterprise environments.


  • Compellon

    With Compellon's Smart Plug and Play AI , we can build and deploy machine learning models that allow you to predict with confidence and effectively change your business.


  • Database Build Tool

    With dbt, we can transform data in your warehouse quickly and efficiently.

    Database Build Tool

  • DataRobot

    With DataRobot's automated machine learning platform, we can help business users (not just data scientists) deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time allowing you to make more meaningful decisions and improve the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.


  • Fivetran

    We use Fivetran to automate data integration with their prebuilt connectors and normalized schemas.


  • Looker

    We will help you implement Looker, a comprehensive Data Platform so that all business teams can view, explore, share, and make decisions based on a reliable, shared view of the business. 


  • Mapquest

    MapQuest powers hundreds of location-enabled Geospatial solutions for our customers, including QlikMaps.


  • Matillion

    We use Matillion to help our customers consolidate large data sets from one cloud data warehouse to another, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake.


  • Microsoft

    Microsoft SQL Server provides a powerful and scalable platform for managing data. From integrating, transforming and storing valuable data, to developing reports, all the way to creating analytical models with intuitive visualizations, our team is ready to help you leverage the power of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.


  • PlatformManager

    With PlatformManager, we can help you manage your Qlik apps and BO Universes and Documents, analyze and test your changes, and perform impact analyses.


  • Qlik

    No one beats Analytics8's depth and breadth when it comes to working with the Qlik platform.


  • SAP

    Analytics8 has been a SAP partner since 2005. We have expertise with the entire SAP BI platform and use it to develop enterprise analytics solutions for our customers.


  • Snowflake

    We can help you develop and deploy a fast performing and affordable data warehouse in the cloud. Snowflake enables rapid analytics and makes it easy to incorporate all of your data.


  • Tableau

    We help our customers use Tableau to build beautiful dashboards so they can use data to solve their problems.


  • ThoughtSpot

    With ThoughtSpot's search-driven analytics platform, anyone can build reports and dashboards within seconds to analyze their data- no training or technical experience needed.


  • VizLib

    With VizLib, we give business users the ability to build data visualizations quickly without help from IT.


Our Products

Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution isn't enough. We developed products that extend the capabilities of certain technologies so that our clients get what they want within their existing platform.

With these tools, you can add rich, interactive location or spend analytics to your Qlik apps, or seamlessly connect your data visualization apps to your SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer:

  • SpendView

    Spend Analytics solution that gives full visibility across all company spend.


  • UniverseBridge

    Connects data visualization apps (Qlik, Tableau, ThoughtSpot, PowerBI) to BusinessObjects semantic layer.


  • QlikMaps

    Location analytics engine for QlikView and Qlik Sense.


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