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Sales Analytics Resources & Insights

We’re all dealing with drastic changes to customer behaviors, attitudes, and buying habits. There are 5 areas you should analyze to develop a customer-centric sales strategy and set your sales team up for success.
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While there is massive potential with advanced analytics, like predicting customer behavior, your success relies on addressing these fundamentals.
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We are all dealing with drastic changes to customer behaviors, attitudes, and buying habits. There are 5 areas you should analyze to develop a customer-centric sales strategy and set your sales team up for success.
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Why Is Sales Analytics Important? Whether in a B2B or B2C environment, sales metrics are viewed as the leading indicator of organizational health. Especially in times of economic uncertainty, the ability to get a good pulse on sales is critical; you need to know how sales are trending and what can be done to maximize...
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Sales teams have no shortage of data with all their activities being tracked in a CRM or Marketing Automation tool. Massive amounts of data on its own isn’t helpful though—organizations need the ability to draw insights from that data about their customers, processes, competitors, and market.
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In June, Starbucks announced a big change to their business model in response to COVID-19 that included shutting down hundreds of traditional café locations in order to open (or repurpose) pickup-only stores in their place. According to Starbucks, even prior to COVID-19, data from its mobile app and store sales showed that 80% of their...
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Recovery Resources and Insights

In this interactive webinar, our expert panelists shared their unique perspectives on the important role of Supply Chain, Customer Behavior, and HR Analytics on your road to recovery. They also discussed how data can help you uncover and explore emerging business opportunities.
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Everything is different now. It follows that you need to update your business strategy and therefore your supporting data strategy, but how do you actually do it? How do you know where to begin when faced with an unpredictable economy, changing priorities and requirements, and nearly infinite technology choices? It starts by taking a step...
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We know that business is not going to “return to normal” after the pandemic. Your business is going to be fundamentally changed. Those who use data to drive decision-making and to adapt their business accordingly will come out stronger than those that don’t. There are three important areas of your business you need analyze to...
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COVID-19 has leaders in Human Resources asking lots of tough questions: Should my employees continue to work from home? Even if employee productivity is higher than normal with a work from home model, will there be a long-term harmful effect on customer satisfaction? Even if net income is positive today, is it at the expense...
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Geospatial analytics techniques will give you the information you need to make tough decisions around consolidating and optimizing physical business locations.
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COVID-19 has impacted business everywhere – especially ones that require customers to visit a physical location. Customers are more selective about where they visit in person and have expectations about their experience once they do visit. This has caused businesses to scramble to reassess their real estate investments while continuing to meet customer needs. Check...
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Inaccurate forecasting is putting a strain on supply chain management Supply Chain management is never stagnant. Effective supply chains continually leverage analytics to fine-tune the process: Efficiently disperse inventory from centralized production to customers, with narrow lead times; Reduce the risk of supply chain loss and obsolescence, especially with perishable goods; and Efficiently scale operations, i.e. how many...
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While no better way to know what your customers want than directly obtaining this from the source, customer surveys will only help an organization if they are able to quickly analyze results, understand the feedback, and translate it into meaningful action that best serves their customer base. If you don’t take action on your insights,...
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It has always been important to make data-driven decisions, but the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to make critical decisions faster than ever with limited information. Companies’ business models have changed. The way we work has changed. Decision-makers at all levels have an urgent need to make the right decisions and make them fast. I...
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

We partnered with the CEO of Kaleidoscope Group, Doug Harris, to discuss real and actionable diversity and inclusion strategies and how to use data and analytics to ensure their effectiveness.
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Your diversity, equity, and inclusion programs must be backed by data. In this blog, we expand upon the data and analytics discussed in our webinar to help meet your diversity goals.
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The live Q&A session from our Diversity & Inclusion Programs Backed by Data webinar sparked valuable discussion and advice from our guest speaker, Doug Harris, CEO of the The Kaleidoscope Group. Listen to his responses to questions about how to handle the challenges of D&I initiatives. Audio clips broken out by question.
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