Geospatial Analytics

See and analyze your business data in the context of its location to improve decision making in all aspects of your business.

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Why (And How) You Should Be Using Geospatial Analytics to Get Ahead

Seeing and analyzing your business data in the context of its location can provide insights that improve decision-making in all aspects of your business.

What is Geospatial Analytics?

With the use of GPS, satellite imagery, mobile technology, and social media applications that utilize geotagging, companies are gathering a ton of geospatial data. Many are not harnessing or properly analyzing this rich data, but there is a huge upside for those that do.

Companies that are able to perform geospatial analysis will gain insights that support and improve decision making in every area of their business, from marketing to supply chain logistics and operations.

How to unlock the potential of your data
with geospatial analytics

  • Segment customers
  • Realign sales territories
  • Optimize multi-stop routes
  • Optimize physical store locations
  • Identify redundancies in the supply chain
  • Do indoor mapping
  • Perform targeted marketing capmaigns
  • Perform modeling and make predictions

Make complex relationships more understandable

Organizations that integrate location data in their BI workflows get more value from their analytics. Relationships of location to people, events, transactions, facilities, and assets are revealed when location data is blended with business data.

Our Geospatial Analytics Services

We are experts in geospatial analytics techniques that will unlock your location data and combine it with your business data so you can get to the “where” in addition to the “why”.

Geospatial Analytics Strategy

We’ll review your current data, processes, technology, and infrastructure to identify where location analytics can enhance your analysis. Then, you’ll get a plan to enhance your data strategy with geospatial analytics to meet organizational goals.

Data Preparation

We can get your data ready for geospatial analysis: geocoding, aggregation, distance calculations, cleansing and normalizing, data integration from other sources, and more.

Geospatial Analytics Implementations

Our consultants can do full scale deployments of a location analytics tool, optimize existing implementations, or integrate your location data into your data visualization tool or BI platform to create mapping visualizations.

Geospatial Analysis

We'll help you perform real-time analysis so you can optimize your supply chain, hedge risk of real estate positions, understand risk of remote versus in-office staff, define pricing for different geographies, realign sales territories, optimize physical stores, branches, and offices, and more.