Geospatial Analytics

See and analyze your business data in the context of its location to improve decision making in all aspects of your business.

Start Using Geospatial Analytics

Organizations that integrate location data in their BI workflows get more value from their analytics. Relationships of location to people, events, transactions, facilities, and assets are revealed when location data is blended with business data, allowing companies to better segment customers, optimize routes, perform predictive analytics, and more.

5 Essential Steps to Implement Geospatial Analytics

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Our Geospatial Analytics Services

  • Geospatial analytics strategy
  • Integrate location data in visualization tool to create mapping visualizations
  • Analyze your business data in the context of its location
  • Routing and route optimization
  • Definition of territories and catchment areas
  • Data preparation (geocoding, aggregation, distance calculations, cleansing and normalizing, integration with data from other sources, and more)

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