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Media Company Creates Innovative Advertising Channel Combining Geospatial Analytics with the Trucking Industry

Company Overview

StreetGreen is an out of home advertising channel that utilizes semi-trailers and the Interstate of Things (ISoT). These rolling ads provide trackable and scalable brand coverage along millions of miles of interstate to influence customers moments before they make a decision on food, gas, lodging, C-store brands, travel/tourism, automotive-related products, and much more.

Business Need

Tractor trailers traveled 273.9 Billion miles in 2015, and the routes they traveled passed many businesses sitting along the interstate. StreetGreen Media, a full service advertising agency, wanted to leverage this opportunity by allowing trucks to be the vehicle for targeted advertising to other drivers on the road in near proximity to those businesses. However, in order to create this new advertising channel, StreetGreen needed a way to identify and plot businesses along specific trucking routes.

They are professional and some of the nicest people I’ve met in the data and analytics world.


StreetGreen engaged us to first automate the method to find businesses that could benefit from advertising placed on trucks. We performed various geospatial data prep activities using the customer’s source KML files of existing truck routes to identify a 1.5 mile buffer around each route. With this powerful targeting capability, StreetGreen could easily pinpoint businesses within the appropriate range, and they could start to formulate their advertising offering.

Streetgreen then needed to expand the solution to be able to model an advertising campaign for a potential customer. We combined information about the businesses along a given trucking route and stats surrounding how often trucks passed the businesses to build a dashboard to be used for sales. The dashboard allows StreetGreen to enter data points, such as the cost to advertise, campaign duration, and number of trailers in the campaign, to demonstrate advertising potential to their prospects.

Finally, StreetGreen wanted to monetize this dashboard to serve as a part of their overall advertising offering to customers by providing access to analytics and allowing them to monitor campaign performance. We worked with StreetGreen to identify all aspects of an advertising campaign and what data points should be included in a customer dashboard. We combined several data sources (KML files, .shp files, Excel, and APIs) and created a fleet intelligence dashboard in which StreetGreen customers can use to monitor their campaign ROI and track and analyze over 25 campaign KPIs. The dashboard provides access to more than 100 attributes, including:

  • Real-time fleet visibility
  • Each business along the route
  • Business drive-by counts
  • Weather and traffic reroute technology
  • Key Performance Indicators demonstrating ROI:
    • Total store coverage and drive-bys
    • Total miles covered
    • Cost per drive-by
    • Key demographic attributes

Interactive Campaign Dashboard

StreetGreen’s fleet intelligence dashboard, powered by QlikMaps, allows advertisers to track multiple campaign KPIs and the ability to overlay historical sales to calculate their ROI.

intelligence dashboard


StreetGreen and its end customers are able to visualize their geospatial data and perform further interactive analysis using our geospatial analytics platform, QlikMaps. With their new solution, StreetGreen has an opportunity to expand their business in a new market and increase profits. They are also providing a unique channel for businesses to advertise along with access to unprecedented analytics on their campaign performance. Additionally, with this new advertising channel, StreetGreen is providing fleet owners a potential new revenue stream if they choose to allow companies to place advertisements on their trucks. According to StreetGreen, a fleet owner has the potential to earn $120,000 a year on a fleet of 100 trailers if they participate.

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