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The Path to Data and Analytics Modernization

Learn about the business demands driving modernization, the benefits of doing so, and how to get started.

Can your data and analytics solutions handle today’s challenges?

To stay competitive in today’s market, companies must be able to use their data to make better decisions. However, we are living in a world flooded by data, new technologies, and demands from the business for better and more advanced analytics. Most companies do not have the modern technologies and processes in place to keep up with these growing demands. They need to modernize how they collect, analyze, use, and share their data.

In this webinar, we discuss how you can build modern data and analytics solutions that are future ready, scalable, real-time, high speed, and agile and that can enable better use of data throughout your company.

We cover:

  • The business demands and industry shifts that are impacting the need to modernize
  • The benefits of data and analytics modernization
  • How to approach data and analytics modernization- steps you need to take and how to get it right
  • The pillars of modern data management
  • Tips for migrating from legacy analytics tools to modern, next-gen platforms
  • Lessons learned from companies that have gone through the modernization process

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Meet the hosts

Tony Dahlager, Vice President of Data Management, Analytics8

Tony is Analytics8’s VP of Data Management, leading sales, marketing, partnerships, and consulting enablement for our data management service line.

Kevin Lobo, Vice President of Analytics, Analytics8

Kevin is based out of our Chicago office. He leads our Analytics service line, overseeing its strategic direction and messaging, while ensuring delivery of high impact analytics solutions for our clients. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, as well as running and live music.