Part 3 of 5 >> Monitor various web pages, such as social media channels directly on your maps. 

When you combine HTML markers and customizable popups, anything (literally, anything) you can do in a webpage, you can bring into your map.

So yes, you can set up a map with live cams of kittens throughout the country. (Everything you ever wanted, right?)

So maybe cats aren’t really you’re thing. You can still use those principles to create a mission control center. For example, marketing departments can set up a centralized dashboard to monitor real-time twitter feeds across the nation for all their campaigns:

Here’s a mission control dashboard we set up to monitor and engage with the online conversation about the top NFL teams during the 2016 NFL playoffs.

Features Used: HTML Markers, Customizable Popups, and ESRI Integration
Shown in QlikMaps for Qlik Sense

Part 1: Unexpected Ways To Use Location Analytics

Part 2: Spot A Problem – Take Instant Action 
(Instead of jumping from app to app, you can centralize your work flow to your map. Yes… we just rhymed there.)

Part 4: Crime Analysis
(You may not be tracking criminals, but all businesses can use the functions they’re using to visaulize data changes)

Part 5: Hospital Network Planning 
(The concepts can easily be applied for Market & Sales Territory Planning as well)

You can watch the full webinar to see all the features in action and get tips from QlikMaps product architect, Patrick Vinton OR you can check out these blog posts that will spark your creativity for how to use location analytics to get buisness value.

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