Focus on 10 critical behaviors that raise analytics maturity throughout the organization. 

We just gave a lot of information about what it takes to thrive with data by growing in analytics maturity. So how do companies bridge the gap from where they are and where they want to be? What do companies implement and tangibly do to grow in maturity?

Start The Analytics Journey

The Analytics Journey is the journey from intuitive decision making to fact-based decision making. This is comprised of 10 critical behaviors that raise analytics maturity throughout the organization.

Just like growing in maturity, applying these behaviors is not a step-by-step process that ends at the completion of an analytics project or endeavor. These behaviors should become continual habits throughout the organization. As companies implement and improve each behavior, they will shift from drowning in data, to using data, to actually thriving with data. They’ll start to see cultural changes throughout the organization as employees adopt analytic systems, mindsets, and processes and their company will see a return on investment as their analytics impact business decisions and actions.

For most companies getting started with analytics, one of the first shifts to occur is moving away from technology and software based decision making and towards thinking about analytics with the mindset: “how do I transform my business by leveraging analytics?”


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10 Critical Behaviors
Of Analytics Maturity

So, where do you fall in this journey of growing in Analytics Maturity?

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