AMS Analytics

Connect your Association's data to your mission.

Better understand your members with AMS Analytics!

AMS Analytics provides deep analytics for an association’s membership, event registration, products, finances, subscriptions, and more. The install is quick – you’ll be able to track metrics and measure results instantly! AMS Analytics works with the industry-leading AMS (Avectra) and is built on the powerful QlikView platform.

Use AMS Analytics to:

  • Analyze retention, growth, registration, demographic, and engagement trends
  • Create membership profiles with key demographics and engagement history
  • Optimize organizational efficiency, resource allocation, and program design
  • Deliver advanced analytics that display high level trends and deep dives in one place
  • Compare marketing initiatives to improve communications and build targeted marketing campaigns
  • Measure member engagement by analyzing conferences, webinars, and other events
  • Save money and time with a pre-built solution
  • Build membership scores to better understand your members

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