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Streamlining Cybersecurity Operations with a Modern Data Infrastructure


The company — with more than a century of experience — delivers financial services, focusing on retirement planning, investment management, and insurance, to help clients achieve financial stability and secure retirement.

Business Goals

The company seeks to strengthen client trust through fortified security capabilities. Their overarching aim is to:

  • Achieve Flexibility and Scalability. The legacy on-premises systems had become inefficient to scale and maintain. By transitioning to a cloud-based data infrastructure, the company seeks to gain the agility needed to easily adapt to future data growth and monitoring demands in a cost-effective manner.
  • Enable Timely Threat Detection. Existing manual processes posed challenges in delivering insights with the speed required. To protect clients through proactive risk management, the organization wants to identify vulnerabilities promptly through streamlining data processing.
  • Reduce Operational Complexity. The diverse range of legacy systems accumulated technical debt over time, and they struggled to scale with the amount of data and demand for information. By adopting cloud-native technologies, the company aims to simplify data management across their cybersecurity functions.
  • Lower Overall Costs. The on-premises architecture was expensive to operate and maintain with specialized skill requirements. To reinvest savings into innovation, the organization worked toward minimizing infrastructure costs associated with outdated systems through automation.


Our approach included an evaluation of their data architecture, leading to the integration of Snowflake, AWS services, and deployment automation tools.

  • Snowflake was utilized for its data warehousing capabilities — ideal for handling analytics and BI with scalability and efficiency.
  • AWS native services were used to connect to cybersecurity data sources and transform raw data into actionable information. This included moving to a serverless architecture to minimize operational costs managing extensive data pipelines.
  • Complex data workflows were orchestrated in an asynchronous manner ensuring seamless integration and scalable pipeline management without any single point of bottleneck.
  • We also provided comprehensive training and support, equipping the cybersecurity team with the necessary skills to leverage the new infrastructure effectively.


Our solution effectively addressed the company’s pain points — streamlining their transition to a cloud-based architecture, significantly enhancing cybersecurity capabilities, and bolstering their ability to swiftly identify security risks.

This outcome offers substantial potential for ROI through:

  • Time and Cost Savings: Automating data pipelines with serverless AWS services and leveraging a cloud data warehouse in Snowflake reduced data processing time from hours to minutes compared to their legacy on-premises SQL server infrastructure. This minimized future maintenance and labor costs associated with the legacy environment and improved scalability for future data demands, contributing to operational cost reductions.
  • Server Cost Reduction: Migrating from on-premises servers to a cloud-based solution decreased maintenance costs and improved scalability.
  • Security and Compliance: Faster data processing and real-time threat detection capabilities reduced the risk of costly security breaches and compliance penalties.
  • Reduced Risk Exposure: Fortified security capabilities decreased costs associated with data incidents.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customers who are pleased with the enhanced cybersecurity services they receive will become more loyal, increasing customer lifetime value and decreasing customer churn.

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