Customer Story

GE Aviation Flying High With Improved Capacity Management

Company Overview

GE Aviation, an operating unit of General Electric, is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components, and integrated systems for commercial, military, business, and general aviation aircraft. The company has a global service network to support its offerings.


GE Aviation needed help with capacity planning and analyzing its service technicians as it related to work orders. For instance, GE Aviation wanted to use the work orders to choose and track which technicians would be assigned to which locations. And it wanted the ability to manage work orders at both the site level and customer level. GE Aviation was using ServiceMax with for its work orders. After initial deployment, GE quickly realized it needed additional capabilities.


Analytics8 integrated Birst into We created an embedded dashboard in that draws data from both and ServiceMax. The dashboard allows GE Aviation staff to see what impact workforce items like overtime have on costs, and to perform “what if” analysis on assignment changes. By pulling data from ServiceMax, and applying logic to the data (number of techs, travel days, utilization percentages, third party assistance, etc.), the company can identify gaps and issues (overstaffing, understaffing, wrong technician skillsets for a particular work order, etc). Analytics8 also created toggle levers that let GE Aviation adjust the variables in order to see how changes affect work orders. We also gave the company the ability to take the output from those what-if scenarios and write it back into as a new work order.

GE Aviation now has greater ability to allocate its project resources more cost-effectively. By changing various prompts like dates and assigned technicians, GE Aviation can diligently track and better manage its capacity metrics and productivity. The integration with and the ability to seamlessly create a revised work order gives the company added efficiencies.