Compare your favorite Chicago Bear's quarterbacks, running backs and receivers to find the best and worst in the franchise using Qlik's Analytics Platform. 

Last year, I created an app to analyze the Chicago Bears best and worst players and to answer questions like:

     Just how great were these great players based purely on their statistical achievements? 
     Was Walter Payton statistically the Bear’s greatest running back?
     And really, who is the worst Bear’s quarterback? 

This year, I updated the data to include the 2015 season and we’ve made it live so you can do your own comparisons and analysis between the Bear’s Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Receivers. You can also take a deep dive into some of the Bears’ best players’ individual profiles at the end of this post.

Click on the dashboards to see them full screen and to interact with and analyze the data.

See the full analysis from the app on last year’s post: The Best And The Worse Of The Bears Franchise









Dig into the stats of some of the greatest Bears players by clicking on their dashboard.



The data source is from Pro Football Reference, which offers CSV extracts of historical player statistics that could be easily loaded into an analytics application.

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