Part 2 of 5 >> Turn your map into a mission control center that allows you to connect and perform actions on other systems directly from your map.

One of our telecommunication customers uses a setup like this to monitor their trouble ticketing system, which similarly to the social media monitoring dashboard, acts like a mission control dashboard. They utilize popups with live integration to accomplish this real-time visualization:

The Dashboard Set Up

This dashboard acts as a portal to easily observe any real-time anomalies in the system (i.e. data outside the Qlik data model) in the context of historical data, which would normally be stored in the Qlik data model. The dashboard runs diagnostics on the system like you would in a webpage by using the customizable popups and HTML markers.

Analyzing The Data

The red fault line indicates that there is currently an issue. When we click on it, we can see what the issue is and perform real-time diagnostics.  

Then without leaving the dashboard, we can writeback to another system to take action and close the loop on the anomaly.

This type of process could easily be applied within utility companies, shipping and logistics companies, or anybody with a network.

Features Used: Popups, writebacks, mashups, ESRI integration.
Shown in QlikMaps for Qlik Sense.

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You can watch the full webinar to see all the features in action and get tips from QlikMaps product architect, Patrick Vinton OR you can check out these blog posts that will spark your creativity for how to use location analytics to get buisness value.

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