The most notable changes to be aware of in QlikMaps 2.6.2. #HappyMapping

In the past month, the QlikMaps product team has been hard at work on two new releases for QlikMaps. Release notes can be found here, but we would like to call your attention to a few notable changes:

1. Curved Lines

The polyline feature was upgraded to support curved lines, arrows and even a new format; encoded polyline. While the curved lines and arrows allow you to customize the look and feel of the line, the new format allows for a high memory optimized line that can improve the performance of your application.

Why is this helpful? Say you’re looking at schedules for plane routes. If the lines are not curved, they overlap, and don’t give you a helpful visual. Curved lines will let you see to and from trips distinctly on a the map.

Straight lines are great for looking at relationships and movement of goods, people and services on a micro or local level.

Curved lines are better to look at the relationships on a macro or global level.

2. Added Self Geolocation (“My Location”) for QlikMaps for Qlik Sense

QlikMaps for QlikView mobile users have been able to plot their location on the field with their location enabled devices by dropping a pin on the map and interact with it like any other map markers. Now you can drop a pin at your location in QlikMaps for Qlik Sense as well. This means you can leverage the mobile responsive feel of Qlik Sense while using real time location-based analysis.

3. QlikMaps for QlikView Improved Performance

We heard QlikMaps for QlikView developers saying that developing multilayer objects in the QlikView desktop can be time consuming. This is no longer the case in Qlimaps v 2.6.2. We made some big changes under the hood that massively improve performance in the desktop client. This means, less map refreshes freeing up more time towards development.

4. Indoor/Venue Mapping

A growing number of our development partners, resellers, and end users have asked us to support indoor mapping (also known as venue mapping). We listened, and QlikMaps v2.6.2 provides a good foundation for integrating venue maps, linking KPIs and other metrics, and incorporating IOT data. When the base layer is turned off you are now able to zoom in to incredibly small polygons that can represent individual buildings, retail stalls inside airports and shopping malls, agricultural fields, and much more.

See more on Indoor/Venue Mapping in this post about what MSTRMND (QlikMaps UK reseller and developer team extraordinaire) is doing to monitor airport traffic inside the terminals.

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