If you're familiar with QlikMaps, you know how easy it is to add rich, interactive location analytics to your Qlik apps. But, while the extension is quick to install and easy to use, there is a lot of hidden power behind it. We've created several short demo videos that cover a variety of QlikMaps capabilities, and we explain how to get more insight out of this tool.

With these how-tos on QlikMaps, improve your location analytics abilities, and make even more discoveries in your data. Whether you use QlikMaps for QlikView or Qlik Sense, we’ll continue to provide short videos that address new features and upgrades.

New Videos

QlikMaps for Indoor Mapping: See how one company used indoor mapping in QlikMaps to boost profits.

Common Questions – Geocoding: Learn what Geocoding is and the QlikMaps approach.

How To – QlikMaps for Qlik Sense

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How To – QlikMaps for QlikView

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Unexpected Ways To Use Location Analytics is part one of a five-part blog series offering tips for how you can start creating more sophisticated maps to analyze and an introduction to our unexpected ways to use location analytics series.

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