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Navigating the Data Landscape in 2023: 5 Key Trends to Watch

Have big data goals for 2023? Are you struggling to know where to place your focus among all the new tools, technologies, and approaches? Our data experts have identified 5 key practices that are crucial for success in this fast-paced field.

In this panel discussion, we explore the latest concepts and techniques in the industry with special guest Kate Strachnyi and a panel of data experts from Analytics8.

We dive into:

  • Data Products: Discover how to deliver more value to your data users.
  • Data Mesh: Explore how to enhance collaboration of data in a decentralized way.
  • Event-Driven Architecture: Learn the most effective way to orchestrate decoupled tools.
  • Industrialized Machine Learning: Find out how to ensure your ML models can scale and remain relevant.
  • Data Literacy: Understand how to make all of your data initiatives worthwhile and enable your business users.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a leg up on your competition. Watch now!

Meet our speakers below

Meet the hosts

Kate Strachnyi, Founder and Community Manager, DATAcated

Kate Strachnyi is the Founder of DATAcated Circle - a community of data professionals and hub for courses on data visualization best practices, data storytelling, and dashboarding. She is also the author of ColorWise: A Data Storyteller's Guide to the Intentional Use of Color. Additionally, Kate is the host of The DATAcated On Air podcast where she interviews experts in the data and analytics space and offers her own insights into current data science, analytics, and machine learning trends. She’s the mother of two girls and enjoys running ultra-marathons and obstacle course races.

Patrick Vinton, Chief Technology Officer, Analytics8

Patrick is responsible for leading the technical direction of Analytics8, ensuring that we are able to provide the most cutting edge and effective technologies, methodologies, and approaches to help our customers make the best decisions with data.

Kevin Lobo, Managing Director, Analytics8

Kevin leads our Analytics Service Line, overseeing its strategic direction and ensuring the delivery of modern, high-impact analytics solutions for our clients.

Christina Salmi, Managing Director, Analytics8

Christina leads our Data Strategy Service Line, helping our customers to think and act strategically about data and analytics.

Tony Dahlager, Managing Director, Analytics8

Tony leads our Data Management Service Line, which includes cloud architecture, data architecture, and data engineering and integration.