Virtual Workshop: How to Evaluate BI and Analytics Tools

Technology selection can be overwhelming.

But there is a correct method to tool evaluation when selecting a BI tool and building out your data stack behind it – and it goes beyond feature comparison.

KevinIn this hands-on workshop, our host, Kevin Lobo, will lead attendees through a working session using our framework for choosing the right tech combo so that your BI tool works in harmony – and as expected – to make the best decisions for your business with data.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A list of considerations to determine the optimal BI tool for immediate and longer-term needs.
  • A framework to choose BI and analytics tools that complement your existing technology.
  • A personalized workboard for documenting and planning out your tech.
  • Insights into other attendees’ BI and analytics tools, tech stacks and the issues they face.

Who is this for?

Anyone involved in aligning IT strategy with business goals:

  • Executives seeking to optimize their tech stacks and improve their bottom line;
  • Senior-level staff making a case for data technology; and
  • Members of IT teams who want to build the best solution.

This workshop is for prospects and Analytics8 customers only (no vendors).

What will the session look like?

This is an interactive workshop where you’ll have a forum to ask questions and workshop your specific scenarios. You’ll get the tools to blueprint your BI tool and an optimal tech stack to support it, while hearing from others about tech decisions they’re making in their organizations.

Meet the hosts

Kevin Lobo, VP of Consulting, Analytics8

Kevin is our VP of Consulting and is based out of our Chicago office. He leads the entirety of our consulting organization, including 100+ consultants in the U.S. and Europe.

David Walborn, Principal Consultant, Analytics8

David is a Principal Consultant based out of our Chicago office. He brings deep expertise in implementing enterprise-scale analytics projects across the entire data lifecycle from strategy and solution architecture to engineering implementation. David is also a leader of A8's generative AI practice, helping clients leverage the large language models and AI.