On-Demand Webinar

Building a Data Governance Strategy

In order to become a data-driven organization, your data must be trustworthy, easy to understand, and accessible by everyone in your organization.  A sound Data Governance strategy blends discovery, control, and automation to ensure everyone has appropriate access to business-critical data they need to make critical decisions.

Watch this webinar to learn everything you need to know to start - or restart - your data governance program, including:

  • Why data governance is imperative to provide maximum profit and efficiency for your business
  • Key considerations and success factors when building a data governance program
  • Steps to implement a data governance strategy for your business

Meet the host

Ken Fogarty, Managing Consultant, Analytics8

Ken Fogarty is a Managing Consultant at Analyics8 and is based in the New York City office. After 4 years of service in the US Navy and receiving his BS and MS degrees from Temple University and Penn State University, Ken started his career in data management. Ken now has 20+ years of experience in the technology, education, and business development fields.