Our QlikMaps reseller MSTRMND came to the QlikMaps product team in need of support for developing an “indoor” airport venue mapping application. Using QlikMaps new “deep zoom” functionality, MSTRMND combined IOT data and the airport’s indoor physical layout. 

Traditional geospatial BI use cases have focused on location enabling an organization’s performance and operational metrics with geographies represented by latitude/longitude and other local coordinate systems and projections.

However, as non-aviation activities have become an increasing priority for airports (half of an airport´s revenue comes from retail and parking), the importance of improving and tracking passenger flow has significantly heightened. Airports want to be able to handle passenger flow smoothly and efficiently as well as provide commercial opportunities by retailers to capture passenger spend.

IoT Devices collect data from sensors that record indoor activities such as position and video. When the airport retrieves this information about specific patterns, it enables them to drive down waiting times, drive up passenger satisfaction, and make the high accuracy indoor positioning data available for retailers to use for their own analytics.

Using complex internal building mapping to confirm the layout and dimensions of the building and its facilities, the new “deep zoom” function in QlikMaps has allowed MSTRMND & MapMechanics, a high value geospatial content provider in the UK, to visualize a traveler’s movement within the airport terminal. By better understanding how travelers move throughout the airport, airport retailers can customize their offers and products based on where people spend their time and airport operators can take measures to improve customer satisfaction.

The series of images below depict three people coming into the terminal at ground floor level and going to the escalator to departures on level 2, then walk back down to the ground floor and go to the gate.

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