Introducing Qlik Sense

Qlik® Sense is designed from the ground up for self serve BI on a variety of devices. With Sense, users will be able to develop directly on the server instead of having to manage a single file among multiple developers. 

—Written By: Tony Costanza and Alex Dontchos—

QlikView has just launched a new tool called Qlik Sense that is designed to provide self-service data visualization and business intelligence capabilities for individuals and organizations. Qlik Sense is built on the same QIX Associative Data Indexing engine as QlikView, but Qlik Sense offers a simplified user interface, drag-and-drop visualizations, and the ability to load data without manually editing scripts. 

Qlik Sense Desktop (similar to the personal edition of QlikView) has given the ability to share visualization apps and dashboards without licensing restrictions. Individuals are now able to share files with one another, or upload them to the cloud where they can be accessed anywhere on computers and mobile devices. Qlik Sense aims to promote rapid data discovery and visualization, and facilitate sharing analyses on a variety of devices. 

Qlik Sense is designed from the ground up for self serve BI on a variety of devices. With Sense users will be able to develop directly on the server instead of having to manage a single file among multiple developers. You can even develop full Qlik Sense applications on an iPad or tablet. Sense’s responsive design means that a single application will resize itself on your phone, tablet or laptop without having to develop specific UIs for each form factor.  The best part; Qlik Sense uses the same data that QlikView does. You will be able to leverage all of your existing load scripts and data aggregations immediately.


Quick Data Load

Loading data into Qlik Sense can be as easy as dragging and dropping a file or dataset into the app you are working on. Based on the column and header information you select, Qlik Sense will automatically generate a script to load the data into your app. Qlik Sense supports many of the data formats that QlikView users are familiar with including, spreadsheets, delimited data, fixed length data, and QV file formats. 


Data Exploration, Discovery, and Visualization


Qlik Sense provides a clean interface to build data exploration, discovery, and visualization apps. Qlik Sense provides a large selection of charts, tables, and visualizations. As with QV, data is automatically indexed for searching and associative exploration. It is worth noting that pivot tables are not included in the list of default charts and tables.



Collaboration and Communication 


Data Storytelling is a feature new to Qlik Sense that allows users to create presentations and share insights. Users can take snapshots of data and visualizations, add text and graphics, and create presentations that link to interactive apps all within Qlik Sense. When users are done performing data analysis and organizing their findings, they have the option to share their files directly with other users or upload them to Qlik Cloud. Apps on Qlik Cloud can be accessed on computers, tablets, and smartphones through a public URL. Visualizations and charts are designed to support touch screens.



Qlik Sense Desktop, Full Version, and Qlik Cloud


Qlik Sense offers flexibility through two different product editions: Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense, as well as and a new Cloud Platform:

  • Qlik Sense Desktop: Qlik Sense Desktop aka “Personal Edition” is a more flexible version than the prior personal Edition of Qlikview. It does not require a license which allows for the sharing of apps. And although the Qlik Sense Desktop edition will expire on 12/31/2014, your apps will not.
  • Qlik Sense: Qlik Sense Full Version will be released with a token based licensing model. It will support cloud or on premise deployment.
  • Qlik Cloud: Qlik Cloud is a new platform for cloud services. It is web-based and supports mobile device access while providing full interactive search functionality. Initial functionality supports sharing of Qlik Sense Desktop Applications

Future Outlook
The full version of Qlik Sense has not been released yet, but Qlik Sense Desktop is a fully functional version that can be downloaded for free on Qlik’s website. Qlik Cloud is also currently available in beta at Qlik Sense will continue to evolve according to the needs and inputs of users, and as with QV, it provides an API and supports the development of custom extensions.


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