Get full visibility across all of your spend.

Zoom in on your spending with SpendView

SpendView is a comprehensive Spend Analytics solution that consolidates, cleanses, and classifies all spend-related data in one place, giving organizations full visibility across all of their spend. With SpendView, take control of your spend, make better purchasing decisions, and identify savings opportunities that directly impact the bottom line.

SpendView helps you answer questions such as:

  • WHAT: What are you spending your money on?
  • WHO: Who are you spending your money with?
  • BEST PRICES: Are you getting the best prices?
  • GOALS: Are you reaching your corporate goals?


What Can You Do With SpendView?

Perform “What If Anaylsis”

Determine the potential savings from eliminating rogue spend and consolidating suppliers.

Supplier Scorecard

See how vendors are performing against your corporate goals.

Correlation Analysis

Determine how many vendors and how much spend are associated with your categories.


Why Use SpendView?

  • Control

    Consolidate, cleanse, and classify your spend data- without relying and waiting on a third party. You determine the rules to be applied to your data, the taxonomy, when to refresh your data, and to what level to classify your data. You can answer your own questions and do analysis on your own time.
  • Customization

    Customize reports and visuals, and bring in additional data sources to deepen your analysis, such as savings and indexes.
  • Quick Time-to-Value

    With a quick and easy implementation, start analyzing your spend within weeks. There are no large upfront costs to get started.

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