When Orders Heat Up, Latham Keeps Customers Happy with Quicker Turnarounds

  • Implemented BI solution that allows LPP to quickly identify any bottlenecks in online order fulfillment
  • Users can drill down to business segment, team, user, or product to investigate delays

Latham Pool Products (LPP) is the leading manufacturer of in-ground residential swimming pools and components in North America.  The pool business is very seasonal, and during busy times it is critical for LPP to quickly identify any bottlenecks that would impact online order processing times.  LPP needed a solution that could help them answer questions such as:

  • Is processing time slowing because orders are increasing and there is not enough staff to handle the influx?
  • Is processing time slowing because orders are being processed incorrectly by employees? If so, which employees need more training?
  • Are customers entering the orders incorrectly? If so, is there a need to make the ordering process more intuitive?

To help LPP answer these questions, Analytics8 performed a high-level data warehousing and BI review.  We came up with a solution using Birst that shows the cycle times for each step in the online ordering process and overall sales cycle trends. Users can filter by business segment and then drill down to the team, user, or product to investigate what is causing a delay.  With this data, managers can address process or staffing inefficiencies where appropriate. They now confidently know when they need to hire more employees, do more employee training, if there is overstaffing, and where to move resources when there are gaps. They can also assess individual employee performance with drill down capabilities. Overall, this solution has helped LPP handle and process orders more efficiently, which increases revenue and customer satisfaction levels.

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