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Marketing and Advertising Firm Sharpens Its Edge On Boosting Loyalty

Company Overview

RAZR Marketing is full-service marketing and advertising agency focused on strategy. Many of its clients are in the financial industry. RAZR specializes on the loyalty and engagement side of clients’ businesses and manages more than 150 different loyalty programs for financial institutions.


RAZR Marketing works to strengthen customer loyalty and engagement for its financial institution clients and believes that analytics is the framework to prove and provide that change. However, the company was spending an inordinate amount of time manually generating a multitude of reports for its clients. Reports were very static and didn’t provide the full performance picture.


Analytics8 consolidated RAZR’s information into one central location to make reporting easy. We then developed quicker, more accurate dashboards for tracking loyalty programs that RAZR could provide its clients, and also offered strategic thinking and best practices for designing visuals that engage RAZR’s clients.

RAZR now provides each of its financial industry clients with a customized dashboard that lets them see the performance of their loyalty programs and make daily decisions about customer engagement opportunities. For instance, RAZR’s financial institution clients can now see the amount of spending each credit card holder has and how that correlates to the engagement in the company’s loyalty program. The solution has clearly illustrated for RAZR’s clients how well loyalty programs are working, customer by customer, saving RAZR and its clients time and money.

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